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What to do in class when you aren't even allowed to use your laptop? Start playing Tic-tac-toe? But that's a kiddy game. So in my Saturday's class, a classmate of mine suggested we should play Hangman.

UA: "So I'd think of a movie title and you have to guess it"
Dinky Mind: "No way please. I'm worst at memorizing titles. Try something else....Umm, as in brand names of chocolates"  [I had Lindt in mind] :P
UA: "Pleaseee NO. I don't know all those tongue-twisting names. Why not try out city names?"
Dinky Mind: "Arright. You think, I'd guess"
*UA thinking of some alien city name when a cool name popped up in my head*
Dinky Mind: "I've thought of a city. You've to guess it"
UA: "Fine"

*DM starts sketching blanks*

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

UA: "Is that really a city's name?"
DM: "Yep. Seems like a big city"
UA: "Okay, A, then"

_ A _ _ _ _ _ _ _

UA: "O"
*DM makes the head of the poor guy deemed to be hanged* 
UA: "Dang! Okay, 'I'?"

_ A _ _ _ I _ _ _

UA: "Good. Now N?"
*DM makes the left arm and tiny fingers*
UA: "Is that really a city or are you just fooling me with all these blanks?" :O
DM: "It is a city. And now I doubt you've ever heard of it"
UA: *throwing another aimless arrow* "C?"
*DM makes the right arm with tiny fingers*
UA: "Grrr. You know if I say 'A' once it means you have to fill all the blanks that might have an 'A'?"
DM: "I'm not that dumb. Another shot?"
UA: "Ermm, T?"
*DM makes the body of the puppety-man*
UA: "Darn!!! H?"
*DM makes the left leg with a shining shoe* 
DM: "I'm enjoying this drawing now"
UA: "Ummm... P?"
*DM makes the right leg with the shining shoe*
DM: "Last chance before I tie the rope around his tiny neck"
UA: *lazily* "B?"
*DM very happily makes the rope and pulls it* 
DM: "I is the winner!!! Muhahahah"

And later after that class I found out UA dropped the course. Maybe he was too afraid of losing another Hangman game with me :P And who knows, next time we might play Ludo or Monopoly in class.

Anyway, now you guys have to guess the city's name. And you've got enough clues given above to help you :)

Happy guessing ;)



Anonymous says:

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Choudhary Iftikhar Ahmed says:

@ Fragile Girl: Did someone just posted a sarcastic comment? :p

Anonymous: Umm... okay! And thanks for visiting :)

CIA: I think the "someone" couldn't guess the city :) And if he/she meant to be sarcastic, then he might have to read the Disclaimer. :) And if that was not the intention, then I take it as a compliment :D

One of these: :P

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Oh, you kind of win with your fourth guess! :)
Btw, how long did it take you to come up with such a list? O_o

Kind of? :P



Wah! And I thought you were genius :D

I am. At cheating. :P

So what did I win? Don't tell me I won life time supply of dinky's blessings.

And best wishes as well :) May you prosper in cheating. Lol

Sometimes, even hangman seems so interesting. Your time must have passed agreably.

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