Mein Meetha Kaisay Boloun…

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The new year started with all it’s zeal and Dinky Mind didn’t write any post. Please blame my studies and my ever tied-up schedule. The avid readers of this blog know how much crazy this Dinky Mind is for cooking/ baking/ eating! And when I’m studying I need something to eat; most preferably something sweet.

For me, the sweets category only includes ice-creams, cakes, chocolates, pies, cookies, mousses, desi mithais, only halwa-puri wala halwa, vermicelli and kheer etc. I am, please don’t kill me, Not a fan of gaajar/mooli/kaddoo ka halwa! My question: Why do you put sugar in veggies? Please eat veggies the way they are. What if I make spinach halwa, would you volunteer to taste it? Now don't go all 'Eeek' at the sound of it. There are people like me who don't like the traditional sabzioun ke halway, and there are also people who try to make almost everything sweet. My mom once told me people eat meethay samosay!!! Now that’s a bit strange for me, but IMO this is no way to innovate food.

Now coming to the zarda story. Why, oh why, do you put sugar in rice?!? For a long time I had been zarda-phobic. But now I just have no choice when people look daggers at me. So, just to let them know I'm sometimes one of them, I take a tiny morsel or two of that colorful zarda thing. Oh, and you might argue why do I then regard kheer as a sweet dish which also has rice in it. Then, my dear readers, it has milk in it too, and sugar as well, so it doesn't harm much to add in a few, like really few, rice in it. So, in short, kheer qualifies!

My terribly horrible exams ended two days back, so I hopped outside into the Ice-cream world to have some wholesome scoops of my favorite Blueberry ice-cream. I was highly disappointed cuz the standard of that ice-cream parlor had gone awfully down. It was not ice-cream, it was ice-frost :/ And he had drizzled such a tiny amount of blueberry sauce on it, it made me hate the ice-frost even more :( Anyway, the pineapple ice-frost was the same. So later at night, I went out to a different place to try some other flavor. And upon my Momma's recommendation, I bought peach ice-cream. OMG!!! It was a super delicious thing to have! I had never tried that flavor before, though I love love love peach-flavored milk. So, next time I'm gonna pair up my peach ice-cream with some other cool flavor and have the most content 30 minutes of my life again :) That day, in short, I tried 5 different flavors of ice-creams and rated Peach to be the best one!

Hmm, so the point remains, I can't appreciate veggie halwas, no matter how crazy the whole world might be for them. I'm simply not a halwa person at all. Mithaies: yes, Ice-creams: Yes, Cakes: YES, Chocolates: Yahoo! 

Mein meetha kaisay boloun
Jab chocolate mithaie mein ne khai nahi.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Try a new flavor of ice-cream today :)



Behan just ONCE try gajjar ka halwa on my request :D

Nahi khaoun ge, nahi khaoun ge, nahi khaoun ge! :P

:D.. nice to see a post from you after a longgg time. And hey, one can combine sugar with just about ANYTHING.

Shahi tukra for one thing!!


And gajar halwa is superb. Good luck with your sweet tooth!

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Meethay samosay and veggie halwas are nothing compared to matanjan.Its eekiness beats them all!

Uni: But bread is already sweet. If you remove sugar while making bread, it would taste... tasteless! So, you can add more sugar to bread and make Shahi Tukray. Perfectly fine :)
And gaajar ka halwa is ... not... I don't know :$

SS: What's a matanjan? :( And welcome to my blog :)

I've heard something like Murgh Mutanjan. I hope you aren't referring to its sweet version, if any :( Plus, I simply don't get the logic of people combining mangoes with almost everything! :/ Mango murgh pulao, or mango mutton qorma. Eeeeeee!

Yes, I was referring to the same thing.

why do ppl eat chocolates :P

Anonymous says:

Man i LOVE gajjar ka halwa!!!! something is wrong with your taste buds :p
btw im a silent reader of ur blog, u have striking humor n wits, hilarious posts i must say :)

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