Shopaholic Abroad

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Book: Shopaholic Abroad
Author: Sophie Kinsella

It's 3 am and I just finished reading this book. You have no clue how dead and fatigued I was at 11 pm last night, and then I picked up this book to read a few chapters and ended up reading the whole of it. Ammazing! And honestly speaking, this is one of the best books I've ever read! I mean, those who know me know very well that I never stay awake late to finish reading a book. But this book kept my eyes glued to its pages.

I simply love the way this book is written. The characters are so much fun - Luke, Becky, not Suze, and that Alicia Bitchy long-legs. She really was a stupid cow. Haha. Oh, and how can I forget Lucy! I so wanted to kill her on Becky's behalf. I really couldn't sleep that night thinking of how she teased Becky. Arrrghhh!

Oops! Maybe I shouldn't be writing that much. All girls out there do read this book and all the books in the Shopaholic Series. And do NOT give me hints about what's going to be there in other books. Now shhhhh!

Now as a whole, after reading the book, I believe I have a bit of Rebecca Bloomwood (Becky) in me, because my Momma always asks me what am I going to do with such and such piece of crap stuff that I buy. This question should be banned actually. It always makes me go silent and think (and sometimes put back the adorable bags/ jewelery items/ and even paper clips back on the shelves) =(

Final word: As for those who say, "Happiness is free", I request all bags, sandals, clothes and fashion accessories to be dirt-cheap (if not entirely free)!

Cheerio folks! =)

PS: I love books with happy endings!
PPS: The 17th chapter made me cry, and the rest of the book made me cry with laughter!



Oh... Confession of a Shopaholic is based on this book. I watched it last year, I guess :)

i m now hogging on nicolas sparks only! there is only one writer i can manage per season :D

Is this new ? I've read Shopaholic and Sister, Shopaholic takes Manhatten, Shopaholic and baby, and I guess the rest too, but not this one. They're hilarious :D

I used to think British humour is vulgar - these books changed my mind :P

Anam: Yep, it's one of the Shopaholic series. =)

AD: And I'm reading books after a century! Plus, I bought another book by Kinsella =)

Uni: Not that new. It's, I suppose, 2nd book of the series.
And yeah, they're hell hilarious! =D

With such a great review this is going to be my next read InshAllah ;) and yeah on a note for me it's just like when Im shopping alone (when my sister is not around) I feel helpless coz I dont get my mind at one stick that will make me buy something :P where as when vr out all together than the only sound that I can hear is of the cash register ;)

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