Chai Bath!

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Do not get confused by the title please. It does not, in any way, mean I'm a chai-aholic and would swim in a chai pool just to freshen my senses. It's actually quite opposite. It's a pretty tragic scene I'm about to scribble here.

In our first break today, we all merrily went to the café to have tea (exclude me, please) and cookies (include me here) to wipe sleep off our eyes. So, we all sat and set up our breakfast stuff on table when suddenly Doctor Sa'ab tried to pull something out of her bag and accidentally nudged her poor teacup tea glass and whoosh! All the stupid, burning, hell-hot tea splashed on my neat khaki Wranglers! Oh. My. God. I was electrocuted. Never in my life have I ever touched tea and today the whole well-like tea glass's contents were on me. I was so transfixed I couldn't even scream properly, although I was feeling my leg burning badly. This was horrible. Sick. Hideous. Next class was to start in 10-minutes time and I had to get the chai off my khakis and sneakers (which was kind of impossible). Bahhh! There was this huge stain on my left leg. And then I decided to head to restrooms to clean this mess up. From the café to the ladies restroom, there comes a passage where an awful lot of students is lazying around. And I dreaded walking through that area. Sadly, I had no other alternative, and this was the shortest route possible. So, while walking through that horrible area, I spotted stupid students staring at me in the most awkward manner. Idiot cows and foolish jerks! I hope someday they face the same. Morons!

As I stepped in the restroom, a girl was styling her hair and she kind of froze when she saw me. Before she could infer anything, I sharply said, "It's chai only". But she still seemed incredulous. Stupid cow! Whatever. I shouldn't care about such people, right? Now since I had no hanky or even a darn tissue paper, I frantically rubbed my hand to wipe (or clean) the chai off. Imagine that. Oh, well, it was surely of no use, but it had a positive psychological effect on me. I felt a teeny bit cleaned. But still sick! I tried my level best not to let the wet trouser touch my burning skin but 'twas hard to manage. Uh, liiife!

I'm planning to write the management to install a hand dryer in restrooms. Situations like these are difficult to handle. Or maybe, and till then, I should carry my lil hair dryer with me next time. You never know when you might accidentally get a hot chai bath or a deliberate cold Sprite shower!

Cheerio folks! =)

PS: I didn't realize my last post was the 666th post of my glorious 6 years of blogging. =)
PPS: And it's so good to write after ages! I think I should write more often now. But darn crippling studies!



OMG! ok i know the feeling! and I really feel sorry for you! for you

There's no hand dryer :o that's evil :\
I like tea but I'm always afraid of tea spills. I hope your leg isn't badly burnt.

sameena says:

and.um, .eh..i want to apologise again for giving u that chai bath................

Anonymous says:

i wana know the ending .....what happened nxt :O did u go to the class jst lik dat or u went home :P

AD: =(

Anam: Nopes. Thanks to the thick fabric, I was saved =) Oh, and welcome to my blog =)

Sameena: Like I said earlier, it wasn't your fault. Remember Murphy's law? =P

YWB: Hahaha... I knew someone would ask this question. Well, I went to the class and pretended nothing had happened =P Luckily, by the end of the class, the chai dried up and there was no stain either! =D

Excuse me, but...
hahahaahahahahhahahaah :D:D:D:D

Now, sorry. That was just too funny, especially the staring scene. You could have stared right back.. defiantly :P

Anonymous says:

Congratz and No chai only coffee.

LOL! Loved this account. Reminds me one of my very own such day.

Even if you are not interested, here is the short version... :P

Had taken a nice cold shower, wore neat and clean uniform (yea we have uniforms in damn military colleges), was for first time in the month on time for breakfast in hostel, sat down, and as I was mixing the sugar, the whole cup of tea fell down with the tea all over my pants. Damn!!!!

Everything else happened within a minute: Got up, ran to the wash room, washed all the places the tea had been, made sure it was quick enough that it won't leave a stain. Success with that... and then I pulled out my powerful hair dryer (yes I have one for the occasions when my hair is longer than normal and I have to dry em up :P). Guess what, I caught up with the friends before they had even entered the college. ;)

But your account is funnier. Passing through all the stares... Hahahahaha :P

Uni: Hawww, don't laugh like that. But well, you can. It's over now! =D And nopes, I couldn't have stared back at them. It was just ..... umm, too difficult!

Raheel: Cold or hot?

Shuaib: Haha. You were pretty lucky that day!
But I think people should act sanely. Tea spills are pretty common, no? I mean, daily someone to goes through such a traumatic condition. Or well, maybe, just once a 'week'. But how frequent it is, they should just act like humans, and not mad, laughing cows!

Anonymous says:

of any kind. btw that would have been so much fun.

at least u had a stain to prove it was something u SPILLED not something u DID (at least that's what people think)
Imagine i once got my clothes wet -and here's the mortifying part- because i SAT on a wet chair (it was raining and this white colored chair outside our common room in college, with a hollow kinda seat, was filled with water which i didn't see, obviously) and i ended up having a wet butt...woh bhi in white uniform!
And i spent the entire day standing under the fan to dry it before i could go in public.
oh and it took forever to dry...

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