Hair Loss

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Hair fall is the most common problem with girls, but fortunately supermarkets are littered with Hair-repair formulas and Livons besides shampoos and conditioners. I think its time that these companies need to come up with products which could help reduce eyebrow hair loss (or maybe just eyebrow loss). Whatever you call it, I'm suffering badly from it =( And apparently there's no remedy.

One might argue (the female readers especially) to use eyebrow pencils instead of whining so badly. Well, my dear readers, I think if I apply the pencil, I might end up looking like Zakoota djinn! And I certainly don't want that to happen. You see, I don't have a habit of using eyebrow pencils, so if I start using one (even slightly), my brows would look extraordinarily beautiful to others and Zakoota-type to me! Ever noticed those (pastry-looking) brides? Their brows are actually plastered with black pencils and all the people go "oooo" over their Cleopatra eyes! Eeks! For me, they look...well, beautiful, of course, but a bit too overdone. Bleeekh!

Getting back to my eyebrow loss now. =( Does anybody has any remedy for it? Puhlease do let me know before I lose them all and look like an alien =( Plus, today I weighed myself after ages. Like almost after a year, maybe. And I found out I've lost a Kg. [Pop Quiz: Guess how much do I weigh now? Hint: Weight is still in positive figures =P] Instead of being happy or sad over this lost weight, Dinky Mind is highly confused. She just can't figure out if she has lost a kg of her eyebrows or a kg of her pea-sized brain, or both! =(

Cheerio folks =(

PS: This girl's eye makeover is too too awesome-ish! =D



Look on the bright side: you will look like an alien just right out of a starship!
You will actually get a chance to sign autographs!

*shudders* You should be sucked up by a spaceship for saying that =(

PS: Somebody commented here =P

oye transplantation kara lo.....
i ll donate you few eyebrow hairs of mine... merey pass extra hein =D

Haha... No, Jingo. I'm planning to use Olive oil now =D You get an eyebrow mower for yourself =D

I m in love with her eye brows!

Adnan Khan Afridi says:

Answer for the pop quiz: 1 kg :D

AD: Oh yeah, and the make over is perrrrfect too.

Afridi: Hahah.. Tum se phir bhee ziada hoga =D
And welcome to my blog =D

o.O Eyebrow loss is not normal!! You should go to a dermatologist!!

Oh dear Siras, are you not aware of how much do I exaggerate? =(

here u go :P

hope this helps :) and yeh ur welcome :P

ma doc says its because a person is lacking in vitamin E

Asma says:

drink milk with honey in it daily for any kind of hair loss ... and if still u r too eager just dont use the pencils ever .. use brown eye shadow very lightly to make the shape ... and there u go :)

asma says:


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You without eyebrows... :P In the words of Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory - Mua Ha Ha :P

Waise what has happened to your blog yar? It's.. less lively now :s

I hardly find ideas :(
I now have to work on my writings! Earlier I used to be more spontaneous. I miss those times. All blame goes to facebook's statuses :/

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