The Nobel Sneeze Prize

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The weather these days is changing dramatically - at one time you enjoy the soft cool breeze in the morning, and after a few hours, you wish for a chilled room where you could nestle yourself against the frosty wall! After having a quick face-wash in this dry weather, you start feeling cold again. And then suddenly you feel a sultry wave of debilitating heat passing through you and you again run to some AC-ed room! Grrrr... Octobers are meant to be like that!

Now coming to the real story. Silly me actually loves to wash face, hands and feet with cold water! So I usually do ablution with cold water. And it's fun! So, after Fajr prayers, I went to have a quick shower. That quick shower wasn't that warm. And that actually resulted in me sneezing the whole morning. =(

I actually sneeze a lot - as in, I always sneeze in a series of minimum 3 sneezes. Hehe. People think I'm nuts, and my silly sneezes actually prove my nutty-ness to them =( The whole way to the university I sneezed a lot. Had a half pack of tissue papers crumbled up in my lap as I completed my 15-minute drive from home to university! In class I tried to control my short, killing, serial sneezes! I did succeed a few times but aathishoo-ed the remaining time =( Thankfully I don't sneeze that loudly so the pin-drop-silenced class didn't get that much disturbed! =D

Did I ever tell you I'm allergic to dust too? Well then, you now know about it too! If I roll down my car's windows, I start sneezing. And when I turn on the AC in the car, I start sneezing again! Nazuk me, I know! =/ So when I got back home, I was sneezing again, but with a lesser frequency.

Me: Know what, I sneezed like a mad person today! They were just unstoppable!
Momma: And how do mad people sneeze?
Me: *performs the first series of three sneezes in a row*
Momma: But isn't that normal of you?
Me: Bahhh!!! You don't want me to repeat the whole morning madness now =(

And when Bushi returned from school...

Me: *aatishoo*
Bushi: Bless you!
Me: *aaaaatishooooo*
Bushi: Buhless youh!
Me: (with the thrid sneeze welling up) *aaaaaTHISHoooo*
Bushi: *grits teeth* BLESS YOU multiplied by infinity! *runs away*


Momma honored me with the Nobel Sneeze Prize - a hot mug of Ovaltine! =D And I became a happy yappy kid again! =D

Cheerio folks =D

PS: One of my friends always argues that somebody misses you when you're sneezing, and not when you're getting hiccups! Though I don't believe it, but still whoever you are please don't miss me that badly! Sadly, it's equally painful for me =$



Hey, I'm allergic to dust like hell! Not just nose, but eyes and throat too.

*Bless You*

~Sawj: You're even more nazuk than I am =$

~Ali: *sniffs sniffs* Thank you =(

I am sorry, I think it was me. I've been missing you a lot these days. And I can't wait for next year. So bear the sneezes please :(

<3 :P

awwww *hugs*
When ARE you coming? It's been ages now =(

Anonymous says:

Hmm...sneezes feel good too don't they? especially when your nose has been blocked for three days in a row.

is it u not updating or i need a refresh :s

~Eulersconstant: Yeah, but sometimes I get literally tired of sneezing =(

~Asma: It's updated now =P

Anonymous says:

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