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We have recently got our home renovated. So, a few days ago, Ritz visited my place. I took her to my room to show the new look of my room.

Ritz: Woahhh, red red curtains!!! :P
Me: Yeah, before they were stitched, I never liked them.
Ritz: Know what, your room has a fragrance of that of a… bride’s room.
Me: Huh?
Ritz: The new furniture does make a room smell like a bride’s room.
Me: Oh, okay. But there is one thing that’s missing.
Ritz: *saying it all in one breath* I know. A Husband, right? :D
Ritz: *inhales* This place ‘does’ smell like a bride’s room. Ahhh…
Me: Hello Mademoiselle…I was talking about the CARPET!!!

[Ritz is so like Chelsea. And I’m so like Raven, she says]

And another story...

Some 2 months ago.

Me: Of all the things you’ve been given in dowry, I like your 17-pcs bathrobe set.
Biya: Yeah, I love it too. Thanks to Papa for bringing such a cool thing.
Papa: You have to admit, my choice is very good
Me: That we all agree.
Papa: Yeah, that’s why I married your Mom ;)
Momma: Yup. I’m blessed to have been married to a person like your father.
Me: I want one too.
All three of them: WHAT? A husband?
Me: NO!! A 17-pcs bathrobe set! :|



Anonymous says:

Sometimes u can act like chelsea to or should I say London ;)

What was in 17 pcs bathrobe set :S And husband sounds kewl =P

Oh, London's jokes are awesome too, but seriously no one can beat Chelsea's idiocracy :D

that set had som cutie tiny gloves, a very awesome head towel, and those ultra cute lavender 'potli' :D And of course 2 bathrobes and many towels :D

Anonymous says:

Uff do do bathrobes aik daffa hi :O

mushkil nahi hojaye gi?

hahaha, ghuma phira k baat krnay say facts do not change, u do need one. What? Husband. lolzzzzz

Anonymous says:

I didn't even know that there are things such as bathrobe sets. :/

By the way: idiocracy (see the definition).

~Asma: Uffff Asma...One for him, one for her!

~F@dz: Yeah, you're right. I do need one! A nice brain! :D

~Saadat: Yup, yup...there are such things.

Lol @ the definition :D Even idiosyncrasy is a nice word :D

Anonymous says:

Kam mills and boon parha karo :P

Anonymous says:

*snickering at all this silently*

Anonymous says:

Rofl! it so happens wid me all the time wen i say somethin n its taken into a completely diff context :P n I always thot probably a the only one around here!! glad to hear from u :P

Anonymous says:

And I thought girls couldn't be funny...hmm...still not.

It's the circumstances that make them funny!

~Asma: As you say :P

~Safiullah: You remind me of Muttley (that cartoon character who snickers like that) :P

~Sana: Lol...Welcome to my blog Sana :) It happens :D

~Sawj: I think the same for guys who have long zulfein :P

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