Western Monsoons

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, December 05, 2006 in
Yesterday and day before yesterday it rained quite heavily here in Karachi. On Sunday, it started raining at around 2 pm and did not stop till Monday evening! On Monday morning, mom suggested I shouldn't go to the university, but I had to go since I had a quiz and had to give a presentation. The teachers did not come, so no quiz and no presentation. But, we all had a hell lot of fun in the chilling wind. Yup people, I'm one of those crazy peoples who loves to play in the rain and enjoy the most in the chilly wind. Due to some serious restrictions, I couldn't even dare to take a promenade in that wonderful rain :'( I missed it, but besides that, I enjoyed the wind. It was just too awesome-ish! Although my hands and feet were freezing, but I still stayed in the galleries for long. Winter rains are fun. I pray it rains today as well, but I know it wouldn't. At 4:30 pm, we finally headed towards our buses and vans. It was so much fun to take that long route to the bus, splashing water, and getting beaten by the heavy pellets of rain. Oh my my, I had a lot of fun, and I can never forget it.

Anyways, our bus started moving at 4:45 pm and I reached home at 6 pm! We had to take longer routes in order to avoid traffic jams and rain flooded streets. It was as if we were travelling from Hyderabad to Karachi rather than from Karsaz Road to Clifton! On our way, I slid the window and tried to inhale all the chilly wind, but after some time I couldn't. Well, I am a human and I feel cold too! Anyways, when I reached home, half of the house was covered in darkness. Partial power failure! Fortunately there was power in my room. I took a burning-water shower to stop myself trewmbling from all that cold. Blood drained from my feet and they were about to freeze. My hands got a little life when I heated them on a tiny candle flame. Had a tiny piece of Aaloo ka paratha (yummm yummm) because I had had enough of heavy food at the university. And then, the best of winters... I slept at 7:30 pm and woke up at 6:30 am this morning! Ah, wonderful!!! =)

Cheerio folks ;)



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