My age today!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, August 24, 2006 in
Barry: So how old are you today?
Me: 16.5 years!
Barry: *jaws dropped open*




Anonymous says:

bon anneversaire

lemme guess your age...hmm

you turned 21 today..thats a guess..let see

I changed my blog..switched from blogger to wordpress

with regards

Anonymous says:

lolz :)

hmmm....16.5 years old?
umm, yaa, wake up plz...ur having too many pleasant dreams these days...:p

~FM: Merci beaucoup! Your guess is wrong cuz if u had scrolled down n read another post, you would have known that i turned 20!
And whats so different about wordpress?

~Asma: And I lied to you when I said Im 32! Hehehe. Im 16.5 years old now. Next year I'd be 16.6 years old and so on... :P

~Umuj: Hehe...no pleasant dweams...well but you can say Im havin weird dreams these days and so Im just 16.5 now ;)

is it ur bday?

Anonymous says:

It WAS ;)

Anonymous says:

how about 16.5.1 lol ;-))

Anonymous says:

how about 16.5.1 ;))

~Shariq: Oh, that's more accurate then ;P

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