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  • BiYA has been blessed with a cute daughter...MashAllah...Yay for her =)
  • The daughter has been named Ayesha...Ayesha Khan. Will post the photos later.
  • She was born on Jan 18, 2006. [Don't curse me for telling you late...My exams started on Jan 18th]
  • So me the proud 'Khaalaa' now...or as my niece would call me "Lala" [ah..waiting for that day]
  • Maids are back [Yay]
  • Me having vacations [from Jan 25 to Feb 12]
  • No news from Tennis side :o(
  • Weather was a bit cloudy here in the afternoon, but now it's quite rainy, cuz I missed Bryan Adam's concert. And a friend of mine is teasing me and telling me how much he enjoyed it!
  • Wasting my vacations!!! *sighs*
  • I had some more news, but ah...rusted Dinky Mind is so perfectly losing its memory these days...

Stay tuned for the explanation of the news.

Have a blessed day till then.

Cheerio =)



Anonymous says:

These days? :D

alllay Wah

Umem how sustul wujood u'r!!!

If i'd be at ur place then this news will give me life out of death. And so to my blog on time. This time u all posted this news with full secracy. Aray mujhay batanay main kai harj hain =(

BiYa and LaLa Congrates to both of u and ur families. May Allah Bless Ayesha with wholesome anf long life in future.

~Arash: ah well, everybody dounts this thing...lol

~Gul: Konsi secrecy?? No doubt I'm becoming lazy....winters make me laaaazzzzzzzzzyyyyyyy

~Sabah: Thanks =)

Aap tennis khelta hai yaa just a fan of it?

Assalam o alaykum

taubah hay umema ki bachi u r such a late lateeeeeeeeeef ... balkay lateeefa ......

Congrats to biya and her hubby and ur whole family and to u ofcourse :) for having an ... angel in the family :)

Ayesha sounds real good ... give her some papiz from me ... she'll be delighted :)

so khala aka lala jeeeeeeee post her pics asap ..... okies!!!!!!

givin ya a congratulating mssg now so byes


take carez

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Congratulations on Ayesha's birth! & hurray for the return of the maids!

congrats to u and ur family lala :P

lol @ sustul wujood :D

app tennis khailtee hain :O?? ye kub howa? :P

~Abdur-Raheem: I used to play Tennis, now am just a fan of it :(

~Asma: Thank, thanks thanks...:) From morning till night, i keep kissing her and she gets so annoyed...hehe

~Mariam: Thanks :) Maids are a blessing...hehe

~Acro: Lol...Thanks..I used to play Tennis long time ago.

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