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Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, January 07, 2006 in
  • New year didn't start the way I expected it to start. I mean, I caught cold, had fever, still having an uncontrollable series of coughs and sneezes and headache is something common with me.
  • Computer was/is not working properly. *Argh!*
  • When it works properly, MSN starts showing attitude :S *Double Argh!*
  • Got 86%, 1st Position, in French exam. Not getting registered for Level 5. I've had a lot of french by now. Can't digest more...lol.
  • I'm out of cell phone credit....and man, I'm barely surviving! *Triple Argh!*
  • Exams are just a few days away. Starting from ewwwwy 18th January. Do I need to say 'Pray for me'?
  • For the first time in our university's history, final exam papers are coming from the Islamabad Campus...*runs around the house, screaming: I don't know anything. I'm not getting a satisfactory GPA. I'm dead now!*
  • OMG, my room's so delicately messed up! Don't have the nerve to clean it at this hour!
  • And the worst thing of the entire week is ... our maid has gone to her village for Eid. *exponential arghs*
  • Winters and dryness...*sighs* well, no comments!

Will meet you agian here, if my computer allows!

Keep praying, I know you don't, but still keep praying!

That's all folks.

Cheerio =)



Anonymous says:

Awww! Best of luck for the exams, congrats for the french exams, get well soon pulheez.. and yeah! do take gooooooooooooood care of urself :)!

mish ya! Take Cares, Allah Hafiz sis :)

What if I really pray for all my sisters and brothers.


Anonymous says:

:) Best of luck for your examz.

:) Congratulations for your french result.

:) Lotsa prayers for Zara, the maid, to come back soon.

:) Hope you'll get well soon.

:) No comments for your ever messy room.

:) Why aint you getting registered for the next level of french?

lovely BLOG !!!

Congratulations on your first position in French! Keep up the good work! My semester starts tomorrow & I feel "aaargh" myself :) Sigh... I wish I had a maid! Hope you feel better soon.

aassalam o alaykum w..w


best wishes for yr exams ... coming from isloo kaho tu :) botti shoooti :)

well i didnt joined level 5 as well coz of time constraints ... lets see when would they be settling :)

and yeah eid mubaik en avance to ya

take carz

wishes n prayers n love :)

These 're really Argggg moments.

God bless you....

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikuim!
it was really wonderful to come back on ur blog n c its progress...its been a long time i hav been here.
EID MUBARIK to u and everybody
may ALLAH b with u

Best of luck for the exams:)... i dont like the idea of exam papers comming from some other place tho :\

& Eid Mubarak.

Anonymous says:

Saad aur ahl-e-watan ki janab say aap ko dilllli Eid Mubarak :)

Wow someone is really going to enjoy this themselves this Eid. Best of Luck.

Eid Mubarkaaaaaaaaaaaan bhae!

loat aao;)

Anonymous says:

Exams! Exams! Exams! I hate them. I too have an exam, and can you believe it starts from the 16th of January? Geeez, Eid? Anybody?

Now, the problem is, it is my first semester, and damn am I lost with all the different terminologies? GPAs? Attendance short? Fines? Dues? Blah blah blah!

I bet I need more prayers than anybody else in the world right now. :"(

Wait a second, I am not writing in my journal, it's dinkymind's comment box. Oh! Sorry! Instead of putting my tensions in here, I guess I should say, wish you best of luck.

Take care.

purri duniya is beemar these days argh!!!

congratz yaar and best of luck!!

also tell me ke AF ki photography classes ka standard kaisa hai?

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