oh, my head....

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, June 20, 2004 in
*Takes her head in her hands*. I just feel like taking off my head and keeping it on a nice, soft cushion for some rest. Some past few days had been very hectic, so much so that I was unable to find time for some peace n rest. I've got piles and piles pf pending work, and I don't know how to lessen that load. Some of the work that I still have to do includes:

1- Studies.*sighs*I have to complete my Econ. by the end of this month. Only revision, some MCQs, and some case studies are left. So, what have I done??? *screams* almost 50% of every of my course is left for me to complete. Will I ever be able to complete that in the next 3-4 months??? I'm afraid, no. and my exams are just 3-4 months away. Heck. [I wanna die].

2- Books. I have to buy some 5-6 novels and books for my G.P. paper. [ Who has got the time to read all of them]?

3- Updating of blog. I have to make some changes in my blog. [Oh, its too time-consuming].

4- I have to go for shopping. [another time-consuming task].

5- Have to meet a lot of people. [ That means I'll have to paste that fake Umema-Siddiqi-trademark smile on my face??? No way]

6- Have to filter my mailbox and reply my friends. [Sorry Barry for late replies].

7- Have to assemble all my books and notebooks and to dump them in an accessible place. [Uffff].

8- Have to write my daily diary. [ I guess the word weekly or monthly would best replace the word daily].

9- Have to search universties for my undergraduate studies. [Oh, I hate studies].

10- Have to call Xak. I miss her so much. [ Well Xak, why don't you call me? You've got my number and you're even free these days].

11- Have to read the newspaper and the magazine. [ I'm sure it will be flooded with news related to bomb blasts, killing of innocent people, and terrorism and senseless advertisements...tch tch tch].

12- Have to eat fries to re-charge myself. [Maybe I'm addicted, I'm out of control, but you're the drug that keeps me from dying].

Oh, after reading such a long list, my head is starting to spin like a CD. *rests her head on the keyboard*

People please pray for me...
B'bye. *falls asleep*...zzzzzzzzzzzz



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