Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, April 24, 2004 in
It seemed that everything was searching its destination, as the rejuvenating beams sank in the saffron-shaded sea. The bright yellow colour of the large blazing ball slowly faded into a russet orange. After shining for a day, the gilded sun was finally, and lazily bidding adieu. With it, birds were also making their way home to enjoy a peaceful, sound sleep. They were flying across the sky; their streaming flight added beauty to the silhoutted fireball. It seemed the sky was now arrayed in a beautiful gown of orange-red with a faint glimmering of the stars studded on its hem. With the decreasing brightness, my soaring melancholy reached its acme. The same tradition continues__ the day was ending. The golden beams invited the silver ones to wear the tiara of sovereignty and spread its inspirational light.


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