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Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, September 30, 2005 in
I'm tired of being these two people (not mentioning Imtiaz here). Now I tell you how.

*ring, ring, ring*

Me: Assalam-o-Alikum
Lady: *enraged* Aap nay Star Plus kyun bund kia hua hay? Abhi Kumkum aana hay. Aap ko kitni dafa kaha jai kay channel aisay he na uRa dia karain. Ab wapis say lagian aap Star Plus, aur please, zara jaldi!!!
Me:*confused* I...I am ...I'm sorry?
Lady: *also confused* To kia aap Jehangir nahi?
Me: *jaws dropped open* Jee?
Lady: *feeling sorry* To kia aap waqai Jehangir nahi?
Me : *mumbles* Heck...believe me, ma'am...
Lady: Oh, sorry, shayad wrong number lag gaya hay.
Me: *feels like killing the lady*Yaqeenan wrong number lag gaya hay!!!

*Hangs up, cursing the old lady*

And just yesterday:

*ring, ring, ring*

Me: Assalam-o-Alaikum
He: *without answering my salam, stammered* Rafiq???
Me: *???* excuse me?
He: Aap Rafiq nahi?
Me: *bofff!!!* Jee nahi.
He: To uss say baat kerwa dain.
Me: He doesn't live here. Wrong number. Sorry.
He: Hello?!?
Me: Jee?
He: *confirms my number*
Me: *enraged* Jee..yehi number hay!!!
He: Kia aap waqai Rafiq nahi hain?
( I felt like saying "kia aap kay kaan waqai theek nahi?")
He: *felt the anger-fileld voice* Sorry...shayad wrong number
Me: *mumbles: Idiot...____..._____...____*

*Hung up, cursing the deaf man*

And I recieve this type of call after every 2 days...Help me!!! All the Rafiqs of this world should be reading this.


Now, those who know me - who have heard my voice - please help me out here. Do I really have a masculine voice? I'm probably gonna die (after punching the person through the phone) if I get a similar call again. Trust me. It's the worst nightmare of my life. Why the hell do they ask for confirmation???

*spends her night wondering* I don't get it...Is there really a fault in my voice (or speech), or they have a listening problem???





wait till i stop laffng.....dun temme u really get these callzz...???!!!!
mannn!!!dunt pple kno where they r callng????
ne wayzz..do record these converz 4 me...i wanna laf durng live performance..!!!!!;)

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These sorta things happen to everyone. 4,5 years back they happened quite often so we started dealing with it differently. Here are some lines i still remember.

Wrong Caller: Hell0 abc hain ?
Reply: nahi wrong number.

Phone dc.
Again a call came of that same person.

Wrong Caller : hello abc hain?
Reply: nahi hain.
Phone dc. Again person called.

Wrong Caller : hello abc hain. 4209211 kia yehi number hai ??

Reply (Evil): haan number yehi hai

Wrong Caller: tu abc ko bula dain

Reply: woh tu honeymoon per gaye huay hain

Wrong Caller: Hainnn unki shaadi hogai ?

Reply: haan kabki...

Wrong Caller : Acha pata hi nahi chala

Reply: zaroori nahi samjha batana.

Wrong caller realizes it often ya usko phir bhi batna parta tha bhai key wrong number hai.

Obviously after all this, the same person would never call on the same number consecutively.

with regards

Ahww. I hate it when people have the wrong number and then continually call it and press you about if that person lives there each time. Frenck kaisi hai?

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
behan ji thora sa huns loan plzzzz...

must be your friends playing on ya :))

to kia ye jahangir ka blog nahin ?

Anonymous says:

naheee tm yea tu im sure rafiq bhai ka blog hai..im pretty sure isnt it rafiq bhai...

~Queen: Yessss!!! I get these kinda calls. Man, these are so damn annoying na. *wonders* Don't people call you a Chinese when they see you? Lol.

~FM: Oh, thanks for this great idea. I'd try it soon ( as the caller doesn't stop callin on my number)

~Borges: My french is going good. But, am not getting time to prepare myself for 'Lire en fete'. Ahhhh...pray for me. And how's your urdu going? I see you have improved a lot...Keep up the great work. =)

~Khattak: Hans lain aap...ijazat hay

~Tiddy: Well, I don't think its any of them...cuz they are aware of the consequences...lolz

~TM: *flares up* Jee nahi, wrong blog address!!! (Sisters-in-law are good) ;)

~Anonymous: I wish I knew your name..grrrr... Aur yeh blog kisi bhee bhai ka nahi...behen ka hay...lolz

*arms raised with revolver*

Pagal ho gayay hain saaray loug is duniya main itni to piyaari avaaz hai yaar tumhari.
Idiotsss...Kick them out if they'll again call u to tease

Yes Gul...that's the spirit...

*asks her for the revolver*

Just for my safety, you know...hehehe

Yes Gul...that's the spirit...

*asks her for the revolver*

Just for my safety, you know...hehehe

Yes Gul...that's the spirit...

*asks her for the revolver*

Just for my safety, you know...hehehe

Anonymous says:

Why dont you put the person calling on Hold and tell him to wait until you call the concerned person,while at hold just turn on your tv and getback to the telephone after some 15 minutes,woh bechara Bill kay dar say phir kabhee call he naheen karay ga!

lolzz.... yaar next time koi call karay to usko bool daina kay ji acha main blah blah bhai ko bata doon gi... ya phir when sumone asks u for confirmation to bool do kay ji haan main Rafiq bhai hoon, i can bet, agla banda phir say confirmation mangay ga, kay nai nai aap ki awaz to larkion jaisi hai, to tum bool daina kay jab larkioon jaisi hai to pooch kiun ray hain:P
aainda sooch kay hi kisi say confirmation mangay ga/gi

:D LOL, this is funny. i wonder do u really sound like a man :P

:) aaaw..bus?
meri jaan have someone called u aunty? bhabi???

my fathers friend when call n i pick i have to listen to bhabi..hehehe n i never tell them i am not ..i just say hold..
and my brother's friend when call they say aunty..hehehe
never mind...

dont worry..enjoy it...

~Funbie: Now this sounds interesting. Will try it if that person calls me again.

~Aks: hahahaha...waisay idea bura nahi hay... aaj kal gala bhee kharab hay..shayad agar main keh doun kay main Rafiq houn, to agla banda maan bhee jai. :p

~Acro: I DON'T. So stop wondering!!! :P

~SG: Jeeeeeeeeeeeee....itni dafa ho chuka hay kay ab aadat si par gai hay. Aunty aur bhabhi females hoti hain na....koi agar aap ko Jehangir bulai to aag nahi lagay gee kia...lol :p

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