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Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, September 25, 2005 in
تم نے مجھے مارا کیوں؟

میں نے کب مارا ھے ؟


یار پانی اٹھاؤ یہاں سے

میں بات کرتاھوں منہ پر ، کسی کے پیچھے نہیں کہتا

اٹھاؤ نا یار چیزیں یہاں سے ، بار بار پاؤں میں آ رھی ھیں


A few minutes ago (11:10 pm) I got a call from 0333-5......9 *winks*
I recieved the call, and said "Hello, Hello", but the other person seemed totally uniterested in talking to me. So, I stayed quiet, and tried to listen to the background noises that were somewhat audible. I turned down the volume of my speakers to get a clear sound. *how evil of me..hahaha* And what's written above is what I heard in that 5 minutes, one-way convo. Yes! It was of 5 minutes. The caller was totally unaware that he has dialled my number, and he was busy with some people there. And then he disconnected the call. Awww...I missed the chance of listening to some more funny stuff.

I heard some more, but now this rusted Dinky Mind cannot recall. Awww...Too bad.

Cheerio folks.



Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
koi baat nahee aap bhee kissi kee peeth kay peachay tu baat nahee ker rahay hooo....
sometime it is fun to listen to such like conversation when somebody forgets that he was talking to someone on tel/mobile...
but very bad doosroan kay haalat batay howeay...

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Anonymous says:

haan behan ji , im going on omra, sure i will definately pray for u..but plz remind before 13 th october as i will be preparing a list for TAWWAFs...
and about afrikan , hahahaha..well where im serving the people speak english and afrikan mix...

aray wahhhhhhh...this ain't bad...I had been screaming Hello at the top of my lungs, and the other person was not in the mood of talking...so, I just heard their convo...is this bad?


awww...good luck, Khattak

*prepares a list of dua'as*


Anonymous says:

hahahah na mara it isnt bad...!!!!!!!!!!
i hav prepared a list of dua's but of tawaaaf is still to b filled
i can accomodate u in that for sure..just pray

Anonymous says:

@Khattak:Yaar ma seh ghalata khabra kari wa?Tag kaar neh kai nu zeh delta reply kom.
@DinkyMind:Give me this number please,atleast i do wanna listen to this strange conversation,it appears its coming from the same time from a playgroup class,reastaurant,typical village house and a utlity store...Now where do we see all these things together!???
comment samjh na aya tu ask me!!!my comments are always like that!!!and about that Pushto!please dont take away the only weapon we have!!!

~Khattak: Praying......

~FunBie: jeeee???? Kia?????????

Aray. Main khush huun kyonkhi main in samajh sakta huun. Aur main abhi dekh sakta huun keh aapki French bahut achhi se zyaada hai

Borges, am so glad to read that you think my french is getting better. But on the other hand, my english is getting worse...Really. Lol.

Keep praying like that.

Ohhhhhh .... us becharay nay key pad band nahi kiya hoga aur ghalti say ya phone book say mil gaya aur tum nay maza uttha liyaa .. very bad :P


~Asma: To hay kon wo??? I don't even know...That's why I kept listening... heehe

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