When the rain falls down

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, September 10, 2005 in ,
After a long time, it rained here in Karachi...And it was awesome...It started at 8:30 this morning and didn't stop. Even now it's drizzling!!! Woohoooo

And here are some pics. Enjoy!

Don't these droplets fill energy in you?

2 flowers

....and many droplets


Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink

a very usual view here in Karachi.


پانی کا بلبلہ ، ھاں پانی کا بلبلہ

click on the pic to view بلبلے


2 girls

enjoying rain



Do not disturb us...We're studying Physcis!!


And after the rain....

You'll see the actual colours!!! Rich, vibrant, pure! :)

have a blessed day

Cheerio folks!!!!



Hmmmm....The Pics Were Really Nice.....Specially the one in which some water is there on the road and rain is on.......THE RAIN it was kwell......i enjoyed my self in the rain toooo.....i wish k aise baarish aur do teen din hoti rahe.....

I love barish, however im the Barsaat season there were no rains in multan, that is why our mango production was excellent, then after Barsaat in Bhadon (the Humid month) there were two or three TIKKA kay rains (storms) which helped cotton. Inshallah cotton crop of the region will be zabardast.

Allah jo kerta hai theek kerta hai.

The fresh pictures made me lush green.

@waves, hmm aunti per pani pathar mar ker pics leyti ho... haw hayee.

How it pours, pours, pours, In a never-ending sheet! How it drives beneath the doors! How it soaks the passer's feet! How it rattles on the shutter! How it rumples up the lawn! How 'twill sigh, and moan, and mutter, From darkness until dawn.

thanks...but if this rain continues for 2-3 more days, everybody would be swimming then...lol

Hope the weather remains the same - cloudy! :)

@Harris: How do you know I threw the stone at that girl (not aunty..lol)???

Suna hay aap ki taraf bhee barish hui hay...Kia aisi hee taiz hui hay???

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Nice blog. The rain was the need of Karachi. I enjoyed the rain once and the next time when it rained i was going to university so i was kinda wet :). Well physics bore you ?...you kept the concentrations on the two girls :)...Nice pics.

with regards

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
beautiful pics.. who has taken them by the way..
the importance of rain cant b denied and its effects on everything around us can easily be seen MAY ALLAH bless us with good rains in teh future

Shukhar hai Allah ka ke baarish toh huwi :)

I liked the flower one the most!

You've captured it at all well. I hope it's going to rain again today :p And shame on you, you could have joined those girls and studied physics with 'em!! hehe

wow... Finally!

I guess this is the first proper rain of monsoon for Karachi... It didnt rain in karachi for as long as i was there...!

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