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Today was supposed to be Wasio's last day in the university. So yesterday we all made arrangements how we'd spend our today. We had to start all this party stuff after 11:30 am; the time our last class ends. We all first went to the cafe. It was jam-packed, so we came out [This place is never vacant for us]. Sat outside the cafe for sometime, and started singing songs - the thing we enjoy doing the most...Lol. After sometime, Wasio came and hollered, "I got an extension", and all of the people started clapping, and congtratulating him. At that moment, Ritz and I were wondering, "What happened??? What did he say???" With confused faces, we, along with other classmates, walked to the Takeaway area. Went there for the first time, and found it a bit stinky. Osman brought a Hobnob cake. This is our CR's hand. As soon as I clicked, she turned the plate. Lol. She wanted me to have a better picture. Thanks Ashi. =)

Anyways, the cake was then brought to the table. Then Wasio cut the cake, and we clapped as if it had been his birthday. hahahahaa... We took many photos. Wasio also brought his camera. And Ritz will bring hers on Monday. We took all sort of crazy pictures. But on Monday, we plan to take some sensible group photos. Lets see what happens on Monday, cuz our plans usually fail! =)

Osman then cut the cake into irregular pieces. Although there were a lot of girls there, who could have done a better job, but he didn't let anybody touch it...Meano!!! Hahahaha.

Now this is what happened after a few moments. A 'لاوارث' cake piece, and a box of 'used' Tulip tissue papers. Lol. And believe me, the cake was very yummy, but nobody picked up this cake piece. بد زوق لوگ And for more than half an hour it sat like that in the plate, but then it was finally eaten by someone.

Count the glasses and add 4 more to the figure. This will tell you how many of us were there at that time. This is Ali on the left. There was a half filled glass of Coke, and he tried to put an empty glass in the former glass. The coke came overflowed in the tray. It was so yuckyyy. We all were screaming and trying to stop him, but he wasn't listening. And then, he thrust the empty glass into the filled on, and the cokey droplets flew and landed on your white clothes. All of us started yelling. Then, I guess it was Munira, who did the best thing. She picked up the tray, which was full of coke, and aimed it towards Ali. Ufffff...what a scene. He got all wet. Hahahaha. Someday I will post that picture too. Lol.

Now, your assignment is to identify this person and the hand. No no, I'm behind the camera *winks* [And they both read my blog]

The weather is again cloudy... Pray it rains!!!

Cheerio =)



whoops...I have just noticed that Ritz's link is not correct in this of my post. I will correct it afterwards, but you can find her in my links section too. Have added her link there....

i miss my uni,
i think i would visit next week :D ..
i just cant wait for it now ..

we used to do just lie on our cafe stairs idling away sometimes all day, asking someone passing by to mark our attendance in the class. :D
and yes we used to do all sorts of nasty stuff to guys who had birthdays, there were birthday bounces, rolling in the blanket and than spanking.

good ol' days :)

Anonymous says:

asssalam o alaikum!
remembering my college days in my cadet college ...it used to b fun...ahhhh..good old days....
ALLAH will bless PAKISTAN with a good rain INSHA ALLAH..but dont forget to slip ...in the garden while playing with ur bro...

hmm yar bando ki tarah khaya kero..
and hath gul ka hai. (just a wild guess).

nice, ab aur pics bhi post kerna.:)

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
i dont know about the handa..wait plz wait..she is maria sharapova....

Assalamoalykum w.w!!

Thats great!!!

So u should be enjoying the days as a whole ... u'll remember them a lot when u'll get out of all this!!!!

So enjoy the moments u pass as they'd never be coming back!!!


Luv n allahafiz n wassalam

Well its always great to be a part of such get-togethers. Same happens in our university as well and I enjoy a hell lot of it. Your this cake pictures reminded me of my bday when my friends brought a cake for me in the class :)...

Cool stuff you posted. Post more pics next time.

And me the CR of the class as well :P...

with regards

hehe..exactly the sort o day i had today!!
Hope the fun continues for both o us and everyone else!! :)

Anonymous says:

hey! The cake looks so yummy!!!!!!


Anonymous says:

خدا تمھے سلامت رکھے امئن۔۔

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
خدا تمھے سلامت رکھے امئن۔

I would have eaten it without thinking anything.

~TDH: Univ life is best when you don't have to do all those stinky assignments...hahaha...lol @ birthday bounces.

~Khattak: I also used to think that college life was best...but now the uni is better.

~Harris: bando ki tarah kyun khaoun?? Bandiyoun ki tarah na khaya karoun? ;) And this hand is not Gul's!!!!

~Asma: I have to spend 4 years here yaar. A hell more is yet to come...hehehe

~Khattak: It's Ritz's hand. She's flattered, waisay :)

~FM: Yes, InshAllah someday I will post 'em

~Sid: Seriously?? That sounds so good :D

~H.: It was damn yummy.

~Raheel: I wish you were here:D

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