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All students are cordially invited to "Lire en Fête" being held on Friday, 14th and Saturday 15th October 2005 at 3 pm. in the premises of Alliance Française de Karachi.
  • Exciting competitions
  • Exhibition of books in association with Oxford University Press
  • Iftar buffet on Friday 14th October 2005.
So hurry up and prepare yourself for the big event.

When the teacher announced this news today, everybody became happy but me. She also added that our final exam would be postponed to ..........(err, I forgot the date). What the heck is this?!? We were supposed to have our exam on 15th October, and now this festival has jumped in from nowhere to lengthen our already boring and long term. Bof!!! Other people were happy when they heard the word 'festival' and 'Iftar buffet' (greedy people, eh?). But the teacher then explained that it's not that all-fun festival, but it has got competitions in which we, the students, have to participate no matter what. Upon asking the reason, she gleefully said, "My dear francophiles, this competition has got 10 marks which will be included in your final term". In just 2 seconds, all those happy faces and big smiles faded away. 10 marks?!?!?! And if we lose them, we'd lose our A. Sheeks! She also explained that our seniors (students of C1, C2, etc.) will converse with us in french and test our abilities. And we'd do the same with them. We will also be required to write some letters (probably 2) and our seniors would check them and rate them. After that, certificates would be given to the group who'd stand first (in both convo and written test). Everyone of us was kinda electrocuted. Silence reigned the class. The teacher then spoke up and brought us to reality, "So, you guys want to do some practice before this festival?"
"Oh puhhhhleaseeeeee, YES", we all begged her.

So, I've got mixed feeling about this festival. It's gonna be fun, but I have to study for it. And I have to study a lotttttttt for it, if I want to have the certif!

prier pour moi, s'il vous plaît (pray for me, please)

Cheerio =)



Goooogle ads and here???? Dont you think its way too quick?? I mean I just recieved a mail and they have already pasted the code THEMSELF, when I have heard WE have to paste it... Man, this is awesome-ish, no????

or its just.....

eek, my mind's completely blocked!!!!

your mind is completely blocked .. :P

Great...Can anyone other than Bahria is allowed ???

oh gosssh!!!
I would like to come but the problem is 15th October...My papers starting on 12th October.

with regards

Anonymous says:

asssalam o alaikum!
@ fm i think thats not in bahria , its in the AFK(ALLIANCE FRANCAISE)..thats what i get from the post..is it umema behan..?
15 october ...hmmmm... will intruders b allowed there or not????????? :-p

Anonymous says:

hain yea kiya...google ads????????

I know it will be in Alliance De Francais, what i am asking is that if other than Bahrian students are allowed or not ? ...

with regards

assalamoalaykum dear!!!!!!!!!

aray wah it sounds really cooooooooool :)

hope something liek this comes up in isloooo toooo ........

best wishes dera for ya .... u'll get the certificate inshah allah, alll myprayers and wishes with you!!!!!!

love ya dear

Anonymous says:

@ fm sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry
bundle of appollogies on thier way

sorry..for what :S...

Kia hogaya :)...you did nothing :)...Cmon man...i am not a guy to get angry at all :) :)...

Friends forever!

with regards

Fahad aur Khattak talking on DinkyMind's Comment area :D...I wonder what she will think of this :P

with regards

Anonymous says:

All the best. May you succeed in all your battles.

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
fahad bhai i m sure umema behan wont mind..isnt it umema behan.:-p

~TDH: And there I get my suspicion stamped!!! Hahahaha...Thanks for confirming.

~FM: Its for AFK students only...Keep Bahria aside...cuz Bahria has got no link with AFK... lol

~Khattak: You're right, its at AFK...And as far as intruders are concerned, I'll let you know...cuz then you'd also have to participate in french competition, which is not easy...hehehe

~FM: Only AFK students are allowed!!!!

~Asma: Awww...thanks a gazillion..I hope I win it.

~FM and Khattak: No, no...you guys carry on... It's funny to see you guys getting confused in Bahria and AFK...lol

~SHA: ah, thanks and Amen... And by the way, have you started blogging again or not???

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
umem behan ,i cant come there as i will b on omra on 15th..plz pray for me that MAY ALLAH ACCEPT THAT..
but i can speak some difficult languages than french i.e african...

What kind of festival is this?

They are blackmailing you.. duh!

~Khattak: MashAllah..this is great to know. Please pray for me.
African??? You really know Afrikan??? whoa..nice..hahaha

~Raheel: Yes, this is Festival kay naam per dhabba actually

I am a former AFK student as well. I took the french course in NED ..i have their card as well :D...so i am allowed that means :P...

but thats a blackmail for you guys.

My papers on..so wont be there :)

with regards

~FM: Woah...this is nice to know...Well, if you dont have exam on Sept 30th, then you can come to AFK for a Musical night, in whcih Tina Sani will perform...

Call AFK for further assistance

~FM: Woah...this is nice to know...Well, if you dont have exam on Sept 30th, then you can come to AFK for a Musical night, in whcih Tina Sani will perform...

Call AFK for further assistance

Anonymous says:

I never stopped. It was a last-post chain that I had started. I'm still alive and kicking.

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