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Ufff...today's weather was totally unbearable. The reverse of what all of us were expecting has happened. Rains did not reduce the heat, but they have rather increased it. It's dryy. Okay, enough of this irritating weather now. I better discuss something else.

Studies are now in full swing. Pray that the cogwheels of my mind start working again, as I can forsee those horrible grades, and that embarrassing GPA. Errr...these calamaties!!! I better oil them before they become completely rusted.

Ritz has started another blog, cuz she forgot her old blog password. She'd probably copy/paste the old stuff to her new blog. Now, she has asked me add some stuff to her layout...like shoutbox, statcounter, a new layout.... Mummyyyyy....this is time-consuming! But, since I have promised her to help her, I will try my level best to do that. You guys keep praying for me. =)

Today, when we went upstairs to play TT, we found the audi doors opened. So, we all threw our bags in the gallery and went inside the audi. There were a few people who were packing things up, and cleaning the place again. So, what did we do, we hopped down and then climbed up to the stage. And the three funniest people of our class (Ali, Naveed, and Osman) started acting, and singing, and so much more. It was so funny when they'd show their singing capabilites and tease those people working around. Hahaha. Ritz, Aero-Asia, Shumail, Aneela, Swaleha and I were laughing like anything....It was amazing. Then we had to leave the audi, as it had to be locked. We all hopped out, and then we discovered that Shumail and Aneela were missing! Whoops! We pushed the doors open, and pulled those poor girls out. Lol!

In short, today was a very عجیب سا day.

Pray for the weather, people!

Cheerio =)



that means i will have to comment on her blog again :(

oh, yeah!!! :)

I remember you were the first one to comment there, right?

Now, go again :)

yesh gandee garmi :(((. Good luck with the studies and u shall rock in TT ;) worry not.

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
i hope n pray that the weather becomes fine all over the PAKISTAN.
well good luck for the studies n TT...(TT...?)
finally traced u on orkut...

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
well i like looney tooons too much, rather almost all cartoons, favourite r tom n jerry and bugs bunny n daffy duck awesome haan na..

~Acro: Ayee...thanks Acro. :)

~Khattak: TT is the TT pistol...hahaha....I am learning how to use it...Lol...TT is actually Table Tennis :) Ohhhh, I love Looney Tunes - Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, etc...Remember that Speedy Gonzalez? (sp.?) He's so cute :)

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
speedy was really cute...still is...buggy bunny ah with his carrot n cunningness simply fantastic...

TT and Audi, I'm trying to make some sort of a connection to make "Audi TT" out of it...mind enlightening me? :$

Rain + No Wind = Humidity...I know how icky that feels, well the weather in Islamabad is pretty good now-a-days...

And best of luck for the exams,

Blurking Angel (I thought I'd temporarily change my name :D)

i hate the weather just as much!! it really does suck more after the rain...keepin my fingers crossed for more rain..
tt?? nice..lolz. it can be very addcitve. best o luk!!

Audi-TT ...there is a connection, both cannot be made by a common man but can be used by common man ;)...

Well best of luck for the papers. My papers also starting in Octo-November months...:(

And yeah pray for rain...I think rain can finish this drought.

Speedy Gonzalez ???..that Andre Andre' one...?

with regards

~Fallen Angel: *sings* He's alive..yay, he's alive
And TT is Table Tennis :) Don't think of it as any thign else :D

~S!d: Yeahhhh...hate the weather these days. My hands become sweaty in a minute or two. Heck!

~FM: Praying for the rain (only if it will change this ganda mausam)

Hey, ofcourse I'm alive, I disappear and rumours of my death start spreading *rolling eye* ...burreee baaat :p

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