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My university started yesterday. Great news! But not that great! I have got a very very hectic schedule now. The univerity timings are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. *curses the management*. And my AFK timings are now from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. [AFK classes are three days a week - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday]. Now this simply means that I wake up at 6:45 am (cuz the university is on the other corner of the world), go to the university, study there, come back home at 5:30 pm. Have lunch at 6 pm (Never in my life have I had lunch this late...heck!). Then if I have my AFK class, I leave home at 6:15 pm. And come back at 8:45 pm. To summarise it more, on Tuesdays (like today) and on Thursdays I study from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.
اف ۔۔۔۔ کتنا ظلم ھے یہ

Oh did I tell you, I met Gullay yesterday. I was near that underground lab when she called me asked me to come in the foyer, which is very near from the lab. Gul, and one of my friends were sitting on the same bench, when I entered the foyer and my friend hollered, "Umemaaaaaaaaa". I turned around and looked, and there was Gul sitting. Wow. We sat and talked a lot. It was fun. Then we both had our last hour free, so went in the library and chatted. It was really awesome. =)

The first day of the university was quite boring as every teacher was asking us to introduce ourselves. Some 40 times I told my confusing name to almost all the teachers and the students. And every teacher told us about the marking scheme. Now it's perfectly engraved on my mind. So, it was a day full of repetition.

When I came back, my very concerned Mommese asked , "Oh, you have reduced so much in just one day. What will happen in then next 4 years?" And I lazily whispered, "Inna lillah-e wa inna ilaihi ra'ajeoon".If you want to reduce yourself, as in lose your weight, this university is the best place for you! You can do morning walk, noon walk, afternoon walk, and even evening walk! God, these people make you walk a lot! Seriously, I walked (jogged and ran) exactly the same number of miles that are there between Karachi and Hyderabad! And then there were seniors to rag. Ufff...it was indeed not a good day. (But the ragging was fun...hehe).

So, yesterday when I returned home at 5:30, I was dead tired and extrelemy sleepy. But Mommese said, "Don't sleep now, or your sleeping schedule would be disturbed". This of her order made me more sleepy. But I had to wake up till 9:30 pm. After that I was allowed to sleep. I used all those 3000 toothpicks to keep my eyes open, but heck, they all would break away after a second or two. Finally, I went to sleep at 9:15 pm. I was tired, I was annoyed, I was sleepy.

Today: In short, I am TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous says:

asssalam o alaikum!
may ALLAH give the strength to go ahead and fulfil ur dreams...
nice written ...
keep enjoying good health

Walaikum Assalam Khattak.

Thanks for your prayers and wishes. May all your prayers are answered.

Keep praying like that.


oh good that ur university's started but wow at the timing s :P but this happens when u eneter bachelors or masters ... so abb pachtaye kiya hawat jab chiryaan chug gayeen khet :)

hope u'll get somerelief in a week from this heavy scehdule !!!

good to know abt ur and gullay's encounter :) at last :)

Hoping AF thingy goes well too :)

Take carez and allahafiz

lu ya :)


Nothing new for me because with passage of time you get used to it and I hope you will enjoy it too.

Welcome to new era of ur life :) enjoy

haha...ab pata chala na bachoo !

dont call it ragging .. its called fooling .. ragging is doing frog jumps , front rolls all across teh campus even on stairs ..

heh libraries are good place to chat .. LOL .. its their new purpose

dont worry the start of the uni is like this .. hectic and all .. then you figure out what to do to keep a big grin on your face :)

Awesome!!! You'll be all "i-m tired. i-am-tired. i-am-tired" for many days to come :p

Wish you best of luck and may you be ragged. May you be ragged again and again :p coz we love you! haha

~Asma: haan bhai..matlab haan behen...ab pata chal raha kay profesional studies kia hoti hain. :(

~Raheel: Today was the third day, and was much better than the previous two. Hope it gets better soon. :)

~JonyBr: Trying to enjoy :)

~Saady J: Jee han...ab to chauda tabaq roshan ho gai hain. hahaha

~TDH: Lol @ ragging.

~VL: Oh I am really really tired.... believe me. :)

Anonymous says:

Abhi tou ibtida-e-ishq hai! :P

All the best! :)

Welcome to Bahria...

I can imagine how you'll be getting "tired"... but really.. its just the Start... you'll see what happens in the Semesters ahead :P!!

its not a bad place... if you want to STUDY!!

Take care and have fun in Bahria... oh btw.. didn't I ragg you??? Let me know your location soon! ;)

Anonymous says:

ma semester started yesterday.....i had jst one class for phil but it was so much fun....but today waz da boring day i had history which i am gona drop out.....i am already waiting for the weekend....

Anonymous says:

that's indeed tiring, but i like univ life hehe i am thinking to take an evening study beside my work

~Saadat: Aisa to kuch nahi lagta..Main to baizaar ho gai houn. haha

~MOoN: Does it get worse in the coming semesters? How much worst???? And oh, which Moon are you? Beside those moons that usually revolve around planets, I know 2 more Moons. Tell me which one of them are you. :) Well, it's Room # 308. Do come if you think you can climb up there. Hahahahaha

~Zeeeeenia: I am also desperately waiting for the weekend. Don't know after how many years will it come. Lol

~Anonymuis: Puhleasee don't do that. Because
Daily (Work + Study) = people becoming mad :) This is true, isn't it?

Anonymous says:

Hey all.....what about the enviornment of this uni.....i got my name in final merit list Bsc Computer science.......should i join it or not......

Hey Anonymous. Firstly, welcome on my blog. Secondly, congratulations on being admitted. Thirdly, you must join if you haven't gotten admission in NED :)

Good luck, kid!

Anonymous says:

Thanks 4 reply.........sir i have heard about several rumours about this uni....such as its just a fashion house and whorehouse......i just want you to clearify them.....

You're welcome. Besides, I'm not "Sir". You may call me Miss :)

Ummm. I enrolled in that university some 7 years ago. It used to be very simple and normal. There used to be uniform system - the thing I absolutely loved about that place! In 2007-08, they abolished that system and since then the fashion shows have started. I guess its pretty much the same in every university now.

My suggestion: Do you best. And do take up courses from the toughest of teachers. You learn A LOT from them, though you really hate being taught by them. In order to keep a balanced GPA, do take at least 1 or 2 real tough teachers per semester!

Anonymous says:

That was fruitful miss.....i will try my level best

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