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Soon, InshAllah, we will be having a break in our french classes. Ahhhhhhhh....I feel so relieved whenever I am reminded of this blessing. Our teacher is going to Lahore on 28th Sept., and we will get two classes free - Thursday, 29th Sept...and Saturday 1st Oct. Just becuase of these future holidays, we had to study 35 more minutes in our past few classes. And believe me, that was hectic. But not that much, as I'd always expect the classes to be.

There are so many good people in our class, that they make me forget about my fatigue. That's what happened in our yesterday's class. In the evening, I planned that I'd study Management and complete my Math assignment, but at 6:15 pm, the stark reality hit my head! I had my French class in 15 minutes! At that moment, I felt like crying, cuz that class wasn't scheduled in my plan. Moreover, I was tired like anything. I then ran around the house in search of my books, and begged my dad to drop me at AFK. In the car, I was reminded that today's class was to start at 6:40 pm and not at 6:30 pm. *slapped forehead for being so idiotic*. Reached there, and saw Kavindra and Sakya strolling in. These are two SriLankan kids who make the class really enjoyable. We all went inside the class. After a few moments, the teacher lazily entered with a weary face. She glanced at us all, and forced the "Bonsoir"(good evening) out of her mouth. "I'm very tired today...but you know what, you guys make me smile and I forget my weariness", she complimented. And I smiled for the first time in that day. I was thinking the same.

It was Nizar's birthday that day, so we all wished him, and asked him to take us to Cafe Flo ;). Elizeh, being a nice daughter, mumured something in his ear. After all those funny faces he was making, Daddy dear declared, "We will someday go there. Why not after this term?" And we all burst out laughing, 'what a nice way to say NO'. Lol.

Learnt a few Srilankan words from Saaaaaakya (that's how we call and tease him..lol) and Kevin (Kavindra). The class finished at 8 pm. And I don't know why I wanted to study more at that time, when I usually want to run away if the class lengthens to 8:30 pm. Lol...There are surely no limits to human insanity!

On our way back home, Maheen and I discussed our 80 minutes class in 5 minutes journey. And man, we were laughing like crazy people. Seriously. The CNG guy (Abbas of our class) made our day. He doesn't participate in the class much, but when he tries, he blurt out something really wrong. And that becomes the brightest part of our whole day. Hahaha... In yesterday's class, we were revising our work, when we had to identify some objects. There was a pen shown in the picture. The CNG guy, instead of saying 'stylo' (for a pen), said 'voit' (which doesn't mean anything). Lol. We all got confused as to what he was saying. He then asked foolishly, "Don't you say this thing a 'voiture' ?" [He was getting confused between a pen and a car]. And we all started laughing. "Even if YOU think this is a voiture - which it is not - then say VOITURE, and not Voit, voit!!!", the teacher said, trying to stop herself from laughing badly. hahahaha. Out of 5 minutes on our return journey, Maheen and I had those laughing fits for almost 4 minutes.

After a hectic day, a french class is all I need to rejuvenate myself.

Cheerio everybuddy =)



Anonymous says:

miss those days at alliance... been a long long time... 8 years, to be exact.

*blurps* 8 yearssssssss??? Way too long!!!

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
thxs GOD u find time out of that hectic schedule...
the CNG boys r always there but u hav to find tehm around u...
laughter is the best medicine...?????

glad to know that. but keeep prayin' for me as i've got no sundays, no fridays ... :(

what's CNG? (other than compressed natural gas). :S (is it some kinda institute in karachi?)

same hectic schedule here and I guess everywhere.


i guess i should let your teachers know to give you assignments and make you submit them in french :p

~Khattak: Yeah...I have started learning how to manage time. [Don't forget I have written ' I have 'started' learning...'] hahaha

~Harris: We call one of our classmates by this name - CNG. There's a long story behind it...*rofl*

~Raheel: You are so right...Nobody is free these days. All heads down in studies!!!

~TDH: *punches Tiddy* Would you please keep your volume low for some time???? If any of my teachers hear this, am gonna pass that assignment to you and you;d do it for me...hahahaha

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
ooooooo sorry i forget u hav started learning behan ji ....

Assalamoalaykum w.w.!!
Chalein je thats ood something nice atlast refreshened u :D

Well, a gal came in ur class in N4 ... and was narrating somethng and was literally saying travaille as travel and famille as famil ... and every other word in eng pronunc. and mam + me ;) were like how she reached N4 :D

anyways .... asma burri baat :)

so enjoy ur longggg N3 :)

take carez dear
n luv!

Anonymous says:

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