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You lie down on the cool, tiled floor and look straight up at the azure ceiling. What comes to your mind?

I say, "I want to be where the sun warms the sky."

It's rejuvenating; it's a rejoicing moment!!!

Cheerio folks =)



is dis the space between cafe and campus building?!?!

No, this is the place between my and my neighbour's house!!!

Ther's a wide gap between the main building and the cafe. That space wont fit in my camera...hehehe

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
well if there is continous raining for 3 days and u ahvnt seen teh sky , ur sky sick isnt it???
well said by umem behan:
"I want to be where the sun warms the sky."
me toooooooooo
afrika naaaaaaaaheeee

its the sky above dm's Kell ::evil grin::

good going. and gul tumhra problem solve howa?

Anonymous says:

behan ji as far as blog is concerned , one of my friend did made a blog for me , but he forgot the password n bla bla(long n dukhee story..with sad music in the background)...
behna the thing is its the only time im so much farigh ...once i get back to pakistan , i might b coming on ur blog might b once in week due to my nature of job(dont ask my job here infront of everybody..c my profile in orkut)
i hope i might b able to come on this very good blog of urs daily...


i see spiderman jumping from one to the other building :|

Anonymous says:

Aila.... Bolay to roof kahan aye. Lagta hai iss barish par phir say chat(roof) daalni paray gi.

i think u'd be in ashes in case u go that close...

~Khattak: You're somewhat correct. I love staring at the sky. I don't know why, but it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction when I do that. Pretty weird, eh?

~Harris: GUL is mad at you. You better run somewhere cuz she's got some very very evil intentions. I'm serious! :)

~Khattak: So, I was right to some extent. Start blogging again. It doesn't take much time to create a blog. =) Give it a try.

~Tiddy: Lol...The spiderman is too busy(or probably too tired) to jump these days.

~SHA: nah...roof na dalain...phir main aasmaan kaisay dekhoun gee??? ;)

~Kamran: Lol, probably!!! But it would be a nice experience...*calls NASA for their assistance*

Yeah it would be a nice experiance. The sky so close, clouds caressing you as they pass-by, eagles and hawks would be gliding somewhere near, stinger missiles would be on your six as the Afghanis might think you to be American spy plane or Americans would think you to be an alien, kites would be tingling you foot and couple may even catch your leg, huge Jumbo jets would be thundering pass you, fighter aircrafts would be firing bullets and missiles at you for tresspassing their area, small kids would be throwing stones at you in hope that one of them might travel 15 km up towards the sky and hit you, there would be less oxygen and more ozone that is hazardous to health and a direct supply of sunlight ... you can get tan within 10 seconds and all that for what?

To be BARB-Qed in 3 seconds under a temprature of exceeding 150 Degrees. Enjoy the trip :)

~TheMind: Whooops man...You've sketched a horrible scenario....*plans to come back*


sarak pai na soya karoo

apnai kamrai main soya karoo

Dinky: Good work, stay on Earth :)

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum behan ji!
as far as blog is concerned , well
aaaaaaaaa, hmmmmmm , yaaaa, naaaaaaa.
eeee mghhh
naheee mara it will really difficult to maintain as the place where i will going after afrikaaaaaaa....
is rather much backward than that...seriously not joking...
what u say??????

dinky....i kno u've spnd ur life sleepng on streets and wanderng every where in search of gud shelter.....bt sleepng on uniz toxicated floor??????!!...
im so sorry ths is soo pathetic....i didnt kno u ver tht desperate...
well i cud understand streetz but...sleepng in uni?????!!!...
now i kno..u r alwayzz th 1st one in uni..... !!!!
oh well..u r still my frend....n my street is welcum(ne tym):P

Larki ... kiya ghar walon nay bahir nikal diyya hay ... aisii utii seedhi jagahon pay sotti ho ... phir kahtii ho uff uni si so tiresome ... raat din asman dekh dekh kay aisaaa hi hot hay :D

:))))) :P :))))

Jeeti raho

Anonymous says:

one day as I lay in my bed looking at the sky I thought "Were the heck did my ceiling go?

* kash me urr sakti...

I fully agree with Asma. Zaroor Ghar sey nikal dia gaya hai :).

with regards

And may I please ask you *now yells* WHY THE HECK IS EVERYBODY AFTER MY PHOTOGRAPHY???? I know my photography skills stink, but well, it doesn't mean you start making fun of it...*bursts out crying*


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