The pyramids

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Of Pakistan!!!!!

No doubt they are real!!!



Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
behan ji what a wonderful pics, ...
i hope one day i will b able to c those pyramids..no match to them...

walaikum assalam Khattak, these pyramids look aweome, when you stand beneath them...Will post that picture too. Wait till then...
And yeah, over here, there are many such pyramids...just 1000s of 'em


Yeh Pyramids ghar main banaye hain kia ?... It appears as though they are on the roof of some house :P. 1000 of pyramid in one roof...amazing :|..which cement did they use :P...

with regards

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
behan jiiiiiiiiii!
ager sawa aik bajay aap yahan jawab dooo gay tu university jaanay say 5 min pehlay hee uthoo gay...hmmmm....kiyoan ?????
explanation from foreign ministry is required.

Anonymous says:

behan ji sorry the anonymous was me(khattak)

If only the Egyptians had waited a few thousand years...they could've used cement...

By the way, did you know that the ancient Egyptians used to whorship the 'scarab' beetle a.k.a. the 'dung' beetle and there are people who say that the pyramids might actually represent dung heaps...

Anyway, what exactly are these pyramids and where are they located? Is there also a sphinx nearby? :P :D

Pyramids? Kis k hain ye pyramids? Kahaan se aaey ye pyramids?


i am coming to see em soon :p.

today went to river chenab, will post the pics on ma blog, but im tired is time.

Auf wiedersehen

~FM: You're right, they are on the roofs of houses. Well, there are hundreds of houses here, which have thousands of such pyramids. 1000 are not on one roof only :D

~Khattak: Bhai jee, main 2:30 am per soi thee and woke up at 5:30 am...I can sleep and get up at any time - it ain't a big prob for me. :)

~Acro: Acroooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Woah, he's here!!!!

~Fallen Angel: aaye haye..how disgusting of 'em... They are located on the roof of our house, and as far as the Sphinx is concerned....well, you know!!! hahaha

~VLady: Fiber kay banay huay hain yeh pyramids, aur dukaan say aai hain :)

~Harris: Come soon, before I eat 'em...hahaha... Waiting for the new pics.

Au revior!

Anonymous says:

oooo well its good nice,MASHALLAH good habit...

Anonymous says:

Do they have treasures?
If yes, then I am coming to explore them.
*lights up a cigarette just like the ad guy*

kiski kabrein hain ander??

@Raheel: Chuupkilioo.n ki kabrain hain!!!!

Anonymous says:

wow lookssssssss so kool where is it though...... :P

~Saadat: *first explores the treasures herself* Hmmm...*finds them and hide them* No Saadat, there are no treasures (NOW) *winks* *winks* *winks* :)

~Raheel: Come and discover yourself!! :)

~VirtuousLady: *wonders* Why is VLady so fond of lizards?!? *Sends a box of nicely wrapped lizards to her home* ENJOYYYYY ;)

~Zenia: *stands beneath these pyramids* Right above my head!!!! :)

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