We hate ya!!!!

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First of all, I would like to express my resentment towards KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Corporation), which is trying its level best to refrain me from posting this stuff here. *grrrr*

Now, coming to the main topic. Whom am I talking about?! Rather, whom are WE talking about? This is one man who makes us laugh, yet we hate him. He’s the one who tries to be friendly with all of us, yet we want to stay away from him. He doesn’t want to overburden us, so he gives us easy tasks, yet we whine all the time. We backbite him. We imitate him and make fun of him. *vomits: Enough Dinky Mind, you’re overdoing it* *speaks the truth now* We…oh, we are so cool and he’s so dumb!!!

Yes! He’s really something out of this planet. I mean all his attributes are very different from others. The way he walks, his speech, his facial expressions….man, just everything!!! Just imagine how we tolerate him when he’s around. We bear him, his senseless jokes, his extremely weird smile (well, laughter), and his stupid points. You just can’t imagine. His class is the most boring one. That one hour ruins the whole day. Spoils the fun. Makes us go crazy and run around the whole university like some lunatics.

But hey…this ain’t it. We enjoy after his class. Enjoy like anything. Ali starts the fun, and we all get those laughing fits. Those full teeth smiles…Lol. Here is something Ali wrote yesterday about him. (Ali in the picture, drenched in coke)

“ma first week at bahria turned out to b a milestone in the history of subcontinent..and it shud b ritten in golden words witha golden marker in the history and development of computers..the best part about this first week was the computer period.. i really enjaaaaayed this period as our most respectable and honorable Sir Abdul Rauf told us how to move a mouse..before that i never knew how to do that...then it was for the first tym that i came to kno how to justify a statement in ms word.. this was due to the untiring efforts of Mr. AbdulRauf...in the end i wud like to say that excellence in the subject of computer science can only b achieved under the leadership of most respectable Mr. AbdulRauf and his whole hearted efforts...(may liars rot in pieces)”

My God, when he wrote it, he called me to read and appreciate his writing skills. And believe me, I burst out laughing when I read these lines. You guys don't know him, but those who do, would surely laugh their heads off!

And here’s what Ossy says about him. He wrote this when he asked him to get out of the class. (click to read)

This is Osman, aka Darksaber.

But no matter how bad he is, we have learnt something great from him. Tolerance! Now, we have successfully built a dam of tolerance within ourselves.

بھئی واہ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

Cheerio folks!!!

P.S.: I think I better tell you this thing. I don't want to hide it and cry all by myself. Mr AbdulRauf, as Ali confirmed today, lives in MY neighbourhood. Strike one!
He lives at a walk of (less than) 1 minute from my home. Strike two!
*plans to hit a home run before someone says 'Strike Three'*



Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!

sorry for copying ur style sis!
i reserved my comments ...
ALLAH b with u ameen

Anonymous says:



umem ko kiya hua .. !!

Anonymous says:

Is your post really mt or is it just my Browser that aint showing ur posts!!!???

~Khattak: You cheater!!!! Lol. Waiting for your comments on the new post now :)

~Anonymous: !!!!!!! :)

~Tiddy: Aisa bhee hota hay kabhi kabhi ;) Aagay aagay daikhiay hota hay kia!! hahaha

~FunBie: Stupid adSenser??? lol...jk. Well, my post is like that...And am about to fill it!!!! Just check it out after some hours :)

Tauba tauba .... yah kaisi post hay :)

ok ok u hate "ya" .... but who is this we ... u plus who?????

and who's this ya ????????

obviously its not you .. but then who :)

take carez

Comments also reserved for the next post ;)

with reg ards

Anonymous says:

6 hours and the Hate post is still empty *Khudae De Khair Okee* and yeah I am aware of your posts at Bayaaz!

Yaar I am confused...!! :S Are you the girl in Blue Head Scarf ?!?!?

lolz.. I refreshed this page 5 times. I thought my browser is facing some problem in loading your blog.

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
i checked the page for atleast 9999... times but space was empty in the post,,...
ahhh hmm zzzzzzzzzzzzz

~Asma: Noooooooooo...this ain't you, sweet lady. And this can never be you!!! I am about to write about this person, if KESC lets me do that ;)

~FM: ryghhhhttttttttt :)

~Funbie: Hae, this hectic schedule and then constant winks of electricity these days simply don't let me post stuff....*bof*

~MoON: Woah...you guessed it right!!! And you are...?!?! One day, a niqabified girl came to me and said, "Are you Umema?" I said "Yes" and then she went to her class, saying, "Oh, sorry. My teacher's here"....*confused*

~Raheel: It surely isn't having any problem. My post is empty!!!! :)

~Khattak: Hold on. After an hour, check it for 1000th time. You might find something worth reading... :)

LoL.. thanks for clearing my Confusion... :D and about "ME"... STAY CONFUSED ;)!!! I like that.. I'd be around you.. watching you closely... HeHeHeHaHa :P Catch me if you can!! :P

and whos this Poor Abdur Rauf :P? My Sympathies with him!!!

~Moon: Are you tellin me who you are...or..............I send my spies after you?!?!? lol

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
well that was a treat to read ..the post was remarkable ...
wait was worth waiting for , even 1000 times was not enough for that...
the ali paper was really good to c...
the lesson learnt was i think the best part of the post tolerance ...
it was fine home run mara...

Anonymous says:

OMG dat was absolutly crazzyy man dat is truly dee post of da month no doubt about dat kid.... my sympathies to u my dear for ur unfortunate proximity to da ultimate source of insanehood.. c ya round

~Khattak: Ah, thanks...I am flattered. hehehe

~Ossy: Someday, I'd be successful in registering a complaint against him... And you guys will support me!!!!

Initially I thought as if the person is similar to me.. as for description is concerned. Lolz

lol @ your professor

That out-standing student should improve his writing.

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