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...by TDH, Asma, Sid, and Raheel. Thanks :)

5 years ago:
We moved to this place, which I didn't like at that time. Well, I don't like it even now, but I have to live here (dead colony!). I started my O Levels. Had fun with our seniors. Played baseball, cricket, basketball, pithu-garam, and God knows what else almost DAILY!

1 year ago:
It was one of the happiest years of my life. I got my own room. I broke my own record of eating chips...hahaha... Had zillions of shopping sprees. Got the best result of my life (A.L. Urdu..lol) Appeared for the worst courses of my life. Fell ill a lot.

5 songs I know all the words to:
None! I can't memorize songs. Though I love singing, I always forget some lines and then go like, " ....like somehow you just don't belong, and no-one understands you, do you......*hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*....do you lock yourself in your room? With the radio on turned up so loud that no-one hears you screamin......" [Simple Plan - Welcome to my life] =)

5 snacks I enjoy

5 things I'd do with $100 million dollars:
(i) Start my business
(ii) Buy chips
(iii) Buy books
(iv) Buy perfumes
(v) bury the leftover amount and die!

5 places I'd run away to:
I'd love to see all nooks and crannies of this planet.

5 things I would never wear:
(i) blazing orange
(ii) dirty green shaded clothes
(iii) Bushi's socks (not now atleast)
(iv) nose pin [ayee...soo painful]
(v) contact lenses

5 favourite TV shows:
(used to be)
(i) Lizzie McGuire,
(ii) That's so Raven,
(iii) Whose line is it anyway,
(iv) Loony Tunes, and
(v) The Mask!

5 greatest joys:
(i) My A.L.'s best grade =)
(ii) Shopping for books
(iii) Reading them, with some cashew nuts and coffee
(iv) Water (rain, sea, whatever)
(v) to be with my Mommese.

5 favourite toys:

(i) All my stuffed toys
(ii) My cell phone
(iii) My keychain
(iv) my watch
(v) my ring

5 people i'm tagging:
Why only 5??? I tag all those who are in my links. [Now search your name...hehehe].

Cheerio everybuddy =)



Oh it's such a good post :)))))))

1 year ago .. so u bought kia kia ???

and who told ya wearing nose pin's painful and y not contact lenses of purple colour ... would suit ya :) try it as soon as possible ;)

take carez

wassalam n love

Tagging is an awesome thing. Great post.

with regards

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
wow wonderful post to know your 5's...looney tunesssssss , chipssssssssssss ...
keep enjoying eating chips...
n hav good health
take care

i can eat two large size bags of lays .. in one hour ..

beat myrecord will ya :D

and what about those comments?!

just kidding!!

glad to hear that you had fun.

lol wrong comment window. Pardon me!

Btw Can I borrow some part of your humour?

hainh, I saw you looting shopkeepers!!

Not a single shop in Karachi has chips and guess what, umema can't come and post because she has gained a lot of weight and the poor thing can't get up. She's stuck in a chair.

God, this explains yesterday's earthquake. Her chair overturned (when she was frantically trying to get up) and is on the ground. She's still stuck with her fat legs in air :p Her family can't do nothing. They can't set the chair on it's legs again because the wood has cracks in it!!

Poor umem. On the ground. Fat. Sweating. Munching Chips.

~Asma: I bought a lot clothes, shoes, jewellery, chips, popcorns, and a lottttttttt more...hehehe
Aray, I DONT wear a nose pin, neither do I intend to wear in the future... it's painfuil, it's ajeeb!!!

~FM: You are also tagged. I wanted to write, "Those who will comment on this post are also tagged" at the end of my post. :)

~Khattak: Hey, thanks :) You like looney tunes? :)

~Tiddy: Wow...bring me those bags, and I will beat ya!!!! Hahahaha

~Raheel: Lol @ wrong comment! Well, you find my posts humurous? Wow...then you can borrow that humour :)

~VLady: Hahahahaha....OH God...you are so evilllll...hahaha *rofl* Thanks hinz, you made my day =)

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