Karachi's first Underpass opened for traffic

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The city's first underpass constructed under the Tameer-i-Karachi programme at a cost of Rs. 170 million was opened for traffic on Saturday (Oct 1, 2005) after its formal inauguration by the Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping, Senator Babar Khan Ghouri.
The 550-meter long underpass, with a 60-metre long bridge, is constructed at Schon Circle, and is part of the Rs.700 million Mai Kolachi bypass development project being implemented by Karachi Port Trust (KPT).
Speaking at the ceremony, Senator Ghouri said though there was work remaining at the underpass, it was thought proper to open it for vehicular traffic for the convenience of people especially in view of the approaching month of Ramadan.
He appreciated shopkeepers on both sides of the underpass site for bearing with them the period of construction, and said once the side roads were completed, their problems would also be resolved.
[Extracted from the daily Dawn. Read the whole article here]


Now, you need to read this. Over here, it was informed that the underpass will be completed in 4 and a half month(i.e. in August), but it has taken 6 months now and there is still work remaining at the underpass!!!

Cowasjee and I were (and are still) adamant on our argument against the construction of this underpass. When I got affected by the construction process, I posted my arguments (along with Cowasjee's annoyance) against the underpass. Though I haven't been by the underpass yet, but I believe there is less advantage of its contruction. There are a few people who say that now the traffic will move more freely and smoothly. But let me remind them, there was no commotion previously. I have been living here since 6-7 years, and I've never experienced any traffic jam between Do Talwar to Schon circle and from there to Teen Talwar. Therefore, I really do not get the logic of the construction of this (still incomplete) project.

I would keep complaining about the "work remaining at the underpass", because it had to be completed in August! The authorities were sure of it, that's why they claimed that the underpass would be completed within a record time of four and a half months. It means, it had to be completed in August. August passed. September passed. And on October 1st, the authorities happily opened the still-imcomplete underpass for the public. What does this show? The negligence of the authorities, or their poor statistics?

As in this of my post I have stated the sufferings of the residents (and shopkeepers) near the contruction site, I don't think I need to reiterate my point here.

You all are well aware that Karachi is a city which does not recieve heavy monsoon rains. From March/April (when the construction started) to this day, we experienced very nominal rains. (Don't forget, Karachi is a huge city and sometimes only half the city recieves rain and the other half remains dry). We also do not have those deadly hurricanes. Then, what catastrophic incident led to the delay in the contruction process???

Will this incomplete underpass satisfy Cowasjee's and my arguments? Will it change our views? The time will tell!
Let's hope this project gets completed soon because now, I'm sure, people cannot have more of it.




Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
behan ji thats the dilema...v...kiya kerein...

I agree with every word of it.

I hope i see it as the way it is after 3,4 months because whenever a thing like that is built, the politicians use it for their own motives...humey vote do...aur woh Amil Bangali bhi apna add lagatay hain aur Coaching centres walay bhi...Unka bus na chalay tu mobilink key tower per bhi laga dain "Wardi Utaro" :D

with regards

i totally agree wid u!!
even went thru the underpass yesterday and boy was it a bumpy ride!!!

shouldnt they have just constructed a flyover like they everywhere if they had traffic probs.. wid an underpass, the heavy traffic had to use the service lanes(the wierdest part of the whole business) and its so much inconvenince for ppl comin from marriot if they want to turn to the forum or the boatbasin...

lets see if agha's loses any business bein over shadowed by the underpass..

Anonymous says:

but aab tu build ho choka...aab keya kaar sakte hain...

yea just like zenia said, hogiya na ab enjoy :D.

~Khattak: Protest!!!

~Raheel: Thanks

~FM: ?!?! Even if the politicians have constructed this underpass for their popularity, then I must say, it's the most pathetic attempt by them. Wasting a country's resources in such unsuccessful projects is not the right way of gaining publicity.

~Sid: Agha's, Mottas, and the whole Delawala area has suffered from this ill-organised project. This is totally inane.

~Zenia: Now we can ask the government to stop building such projects cuz they are useless. We might be able to save (a hell lot of) money if such things stop.

I dont have any complains with the underpass because once the thing is built its useless to discuss on that however yes it would be beneficial if this discussion leads to some intelligent approach for the next project.

Since the underpass has been built, so the people should keep it the way as it is as i have seen how these things have been used in an disgraceful manner :@.

You will be fine Amen.

with regards

Well I don't complain about the underpass. It is a nice thing to do, although very late and too much extravagant expences.

First of all this underpass is part of 25 year traffic plan as it is estimated that with in 4 years the traffic is expected to increase by 30% or above in case the government allows import of reconditioned cars. There will be a lot of pressure on Clifton roads and the underpass was built to handle the traffic along with a few more constructions which we will later see.

But the problems being pointed out are due to lack of vision and poor planning by our dear administration. C'mon it's Pakistan, what else do you expect :D

Anonymous says:

well in the past u can c projects like that..in present u r watching them...one thing v can do is ,
when one out of us ..get to a good appointment , where his/her decision would afeect millions ...then he/she use his/her mind while giving orders...may it b in public sector or may it b in govt organization...
v would do justice with our profession ...

*1 missed call*
*2 missed calls*
*3 missed calls*
*4 missed calls*

(for the previous posts). dont check the CLI you'll see PRIVATE NUMBER notification there.

FWO is working on most of the underconstruction roads, underpasses and over heads etc here (at MULTAN) they are hell slow, but their finished project is always very good.

during the constrution of the roads and underpasses, the link roads, service roads and streets are cursed with the heavy trafic spell and end up like MOENJO DARO..

@ur underpass: 'dunno abt 2 talwar and 3talwar traffic, i'checked the newspaper today morning and read abt some bombblast near 2 talwar, however didn't get the details as i was driving.

It would have been fine if it werent this long! Its messing up with the businesses only because its stretching too long.

Underpasses were supposed to be cool, but not this one. Looks like Russian-made!

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