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Day 2:

I didn't go to meet her....Am sad!! But will surely go tomorrow, InshAllah. Mommese said she was also sad and crying cuz I wasn't there. Awww....Waiting for the day when she'd come home.


am sleeping again

tryin' to smile


I know I am photogenic but don'cha think its enough for today?

Which side of my mouth has the toffee, left or right?

The "Oh" of "Oh my God, you're still having my pics?"

I can just say MashAllah

When Bushi was born, I was kinda sad having a brother. I always wanted a lil sister. Now, Alhamdolillah I've got a niece....Am sooo sooo gladddddd. Now I can share my stuffed dolls and other toys with her. I tried the same with Bushi, but that nasty kid didn't get much tempted by those girly stuff...He rather made me love his toy cars and model aeroplanes.
Now, I will dress her with everything of my choice....OMG....This feeling makes me go crazyyyyy... And did I tell you we've bought a set of nice red/pink bangles for her for eid??? OMG....that's the best thing we've bought on this Eid.
And she's got the besht collection of those cute and smart shoes. OMG...just OMG...I'll someday post those pics too... I better start another blog, just for her pics

cheerio folks =)




sorry am late. i didn't know im mamoooooooooo ji of another bacha .....

mashaallah she's very cute. and photogenic indeeeed ;) ab try ur camera on her... :p

mubarikkkkkkkkkkkkkk phuppo ji....

Now almost smooching the screen.

hay umem did u put ur finger under her warm palms thats the best thingy i love to do with new born babies

awwwww mashAllah she is cuteeeeee. and am sure she must be most delighted today :P *grin.

btw your bhai is cute too :), prayers for him.

Assalamoalaykum dear

Mubraakein bohat saaaaariii .............!!!!! Masha allah shes such a shweet heart ... biblooo shiii i just wana kiss her ... do it from my sid e:)

lovely baby ......... all prayers for her !!!!!!!

take carez

KAISI KHUBSURAT HAI MASHALLAH! Almost brings a tear to my eye. So beautiful.

~To All....

am gonna go in an hour to meet her.

Will give her your messages. Have a blessed day.

aaahhh masallah she is da cutiest lil doll i ever saw......soo cute.... i wana hug her....
congradz to u and ur family

Anonymous says:

MashaAllah! She is so ... tiny! :)
Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family.

Great, Beautifulll, Awesome, Cute...i dont have words..MashaAllah how beautiful she is.

Congrats :).

May Allah give her all the best in life. Amen

with regards

MASHA-ALLAH :) , and Congratulations to you and your family.

May Allah grant Abeer the BEST in life, make her Best for her Parents and Bless her and her Family always. Ameen.

Babies always bring us back to life, and make us love it... no matter how much dejected and hopeless we are from our Lives!!

Take Care, and Lots of love, hugs and Kisses to Abeer Janooo!! :)

Congratulations to you, Abeer's parents, & all your family. She's a very cute baby mashaAllah!

so sweet!! mashallah se very cute.

you should call interflow.

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