When I become "Phuppo"

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, October 29, 2005 in
Name: Abeer Abdullah Siddiqi
Nickname: Awww...cutie bacha!!!
D.o.B.: October 29, 2005.
Age: 4 hours and 23 minutes (at 3:51 pm)
Weight: 5 lbs.
She's my: Niece!!!

Here we are with some of her awesome-ish pics....


Allahu Akbar....when papa gave Azaan in her ears

Look at how she raises her hands to her ears....Awww...cute


And this is what you call...........

A tongue-out smiley :p


Am hungry!!!

Mommese giving her honey.


Am tired. Please...

....Do not Disturb


For the first time....

...she opened her eyes!!!!


Welcome to this world!
All my prayers are with you.
Cheerio =)





+ I can see a fifty rs note :p

The azan pic is too cute mashaAllah!

Allah achai naseeb karei aur Umema kai asar sai bachaeee(ameen) :)

~TM: Hawww...Allah mairay asar kyun bachai??? How evil of you, Taala chaabi!!!

Awwww cute, masha Allah. God bless.

Shes so tiny mini :D

tiny toon :D

awwwwwww cutie pie, mashAllah say. yup yup I totall agree with TM umem kay asar sai bachai :P

and any resemblance with phuppo :P???

Anonymous says:

I met her last night. she is indeed very adorable, mashaAllah.

Anonymous says:

Mashallah! Congrats Umema Phuppi! She is SO CUTE mashallah se!!!!!


You know I must show my lil anger over here.

You shuld acknowledge me about this before when i asked about ur new bhabi :(. ab mujh say bhi suspense rakho gi tum, theek hai aainda main bhi yehi karoon gi.

I cant resist myslef to kiss my moniter screen LOL! she made me tempted. She is potraying a full posture of traquality and innocense.

~Jony: Kids are tiny...hehehe

~TDH: Lol :D

~Acro: Allah usay aap sab logoan kay asar say bachai... :P
She changes faces after every five minutes...so I haven't seen her resembling me. lol

~Some Desi: Oh, you went yesterday??? Nobody told me about it.

~Somewhat Eccentric: Hehehe...thanks H. She's indeed the cutest kid I've ever seen. ^_^

~Gul: Hey, don't kiss your screen. I'll someday bring her to you. Now, you aren't angry, are you???? Hehehe...Wait, am gonna post some new pics of her...

Mashallah.. she is so cute!

May Allah bless her with all the happiness on the earth.(Amen)

awwwwwwwwww.....sch a shweetooooo........i luv her pouty pic......!!!!
God Bless her...!!!!

TM: Bari nazar hai ufone walon ki... lol @ 50 Rs note, took 20mins to find it.

umemaaaaaaaa phuppo mubarik ho janab....

abeeeer is mashaalah very cute, and i like that name too.

itni jaldi rakhlia,, ksinay rakha? (i hope umemz kay peanut mein to nahi aya hoga!!, Allah abeeer ko umemz jasa hi banaye :p, balkay version two with additions.)

WoW! She's sooooo adorable. Masha Allah. May Allah bless her with health, happiness, and prosperity. (Aameen.)
Congratulations and best wishes. :)

Anonymous says:

Wow! Congratulations!

she's.... welll... gonna be cute :P
Kidding, all babies are cute. May Allah make her the pride of her family!

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