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Yesterday, I went straight from my uni to AFK. I reached there at 1:30 pm. My paper had to start at 2:30 pm. Went to the library to revise (actually study for the first time) some work. Felt sleepy. Had a 10-minute nap. Woke up. Read the newspaper. Opened my books again. Closed them for the thousandth time. Got out of the library at almost 2. Went to the class to see if someone was there. Found Mahin, the CNG guy and his friend Faiza there. There I was informed by Mahin that we have our exam at 3 pm and not at 2:30 pm. Felt like killing Mahin (for no good reason). Cooled myself down. Went back to the library with them. Mahin and I chatted. Atlast, we decided to revise the 'conjugaisons' section. Revision completed. Got back to the class. A teacher came who said it's his class. Got out of the class again. Sat outside Director's office. Waited for our teacher. Saw Kevin and Sakya strolling in. Our teacher finally came. Got back to our class again (did not find that grumpy teacher). The written exam started. Time was less. The paper was lengthy. Started fretting. Felt the vocab evaporating. Got nervous. Somehow completed the paper on time.

Had our listening test. Monsieur Mostapha conducted it. Almost died when he uttered the first few lines of the text in french. He mumbles a lot. Thanked God for I was sitting on the first seat. Somehow comprehended the text and filled the spaces on the paper. He thankfully repeated the text thrice or....we all would have started crying. We did whine a lot actually. Finally the listening test was over. We all gloomily left the class.

Had 5 minutes to prepare for our next test. It was our speaking test. The worst part of the day. Again Monsieur Mostapha and Mademoiselle Nobahar were there. Bad day, no doubt! First Sakya went inside. Along with him, Alyzah went. He came out with a big smile on his face. He said the test was easy. Then, it was my turn. Don't remember when Alyzah got out. I waited for 5 minutes for my turn. The teacher called out my name. With trembling legs, I went upto her. Sat. Stared each other for 10 seconds. Then she smiled and came to the topic, "Presentez-vous". I started telling all about myself. She then asked me about my topic. It was A. I then spoke with a not-that-noticable trembling voice. She then said, "merci" ('thankyou', and not mercy in english). I stood up and left the room. As soon as I closed the door, Mahin yelled,"how was it?" I didn't know how it went, so I stayed quiet. Mahin was very well-prepared. She had a perfect speaking test. She'll get an A and I won't. This makes me cry. My fault!!! I didn't study. I didn't get time to study. But I will surely register myself for Niveau 4 (level 4). We studied 3 levels together. Now, she wouldn't be here for the next (which is starting from Oct 24th). I'd miss her.

The gist: I am not getting an A.

Au revoir.



you are a nerd arent ya :D

nah, not yet

Anonymous says:

Like I always tell students who have just taken exams...
'You've done your bit, know make dua and see what Allah gives you'

Hope Ramadan is going well for you.

You should have offered some chocolates to them.. they would've enjoyed eating them and it would have also helped you in sealing their mouths for a while because I guess they won't be fasting.

Btw TDH is kinda rite! But I guess, being a nerd is not a bad thing.

next time spare some time outta bloggin :p.

Don't worry you'll get an A ('A'verage :p) better than an E ('E'xcellent)

i used to be one .. now i am a geek :P

Is the 'A' tht important?

Looks so, and those A's arent that important for nerds!

So ure pretty average then :P

Bon Courage!!!!!

uff people tease u a lot :(, i wont :P.

Best of luck for the papers ahead.

with regards

You stilll might land up with an "A".

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