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We, the residents of Clifton/ Defence, have experienced a tremor at 00 30 ( most probably), Oct 12, 2005.

Geo TV says:
KARACHI: Defence View and Clifton areas of Karachi felt tremors of light intensity on late Tuesday night but these were not linked to Saturday’s earthquake, which rattled several parts of the country.

Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister on Information and Archives Salahuddin Haider also confirmed that Defence View and Clifton experienced tremors of light intensity.

He appealed to the masses not be afraid of these tremors and remain calm.

I was on the computer, and my brother was upstairs, watching TV. I felt the tremor, but I thought probably my head's spinning as I was very sleepy at that time. But my brother came down and asked, "Did you hear that sound?" Puzzled, I said, "what sound?". He then said, "Errr, I mean did you feel any sort of tremor?" "It was a tremor?", I asked, "then I surely felt it".

The TV people haven't told the intensity yet. Don't know what it would be..

We, the most ungrateful people, now have to pay the price for our bad deeds. May Allah shows mercy on us. Amen.

Keep praying.

Cheerio .



TM has updated me about the quake. It measured 4.0 on the richter scale.
Hope there ain't any desctruction.

Oh lord, forgive us, and we seek your refuge.

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
ohhhhh ya ALLAH rehum ker hum per ...apnay piyaray aur akhreee nabeee HAZRAT MUHAMMED (P.B.U.H) kay sadkay...

Anonymous says:

Tremors Mild tremors rock Karachi KARACHI, Oct 11 (APP)- Tremors of low magnitude struck Karachi at 28 minutes past midnight (00-28 hours) Tuesday, an official of Meteorological Office said. The magnitide of tremors was 4.0 on Richter Scale, the official said. Epicentre of the tremors was in the Arabian Sea. These jolts had no relevance to the quake in northern Pakistan, the official added.(Posted @ 00:28 PST)

Anonymous says:

also there was a mild quake in khuzdar and kallat areas .. human loss hasnt been confirmed.. but as i ahv served in that area , the area has quite a large number rather majority of houses in those area are of mud and stone..i hope the poor people of that area r safe...
Minor quake jolts Kallat
(Updated at 2230 PST)
QUETTA: Some low intensity earthquake jolts were observed in Kallat district of Quetta today.

According to Met office, Quetta, the jolts were experienced in Sorab area of Kallat district, however no casualties have been reported yet.


4.0, a quake by itself.

jolts were also felt at kalat and sohrab in Balochistan but I guess they were related to sat's quake.


@KhattaK; Thanks for the update. I hope there are no casualties.

yeah..some panic!!
in hostel..dear! all the foreigners got ready..their luggage and pasports in their hands..with all the bad words they can use..they cursed us all..we the Pakistanis as if it was our fault...no one dared to sleep...and we:) thank heavens we are Muslims..Kalma parha and Allah malik...

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