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Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, October 11, 2005 in
I was checking my site statistics, when I found this link. I opened it and read. It showed the results of "Best Pakistan Blog, 2003." And oh my God, I saw my blog nominated for the award...
In Nov. 2003, I started blogging. And it was nominated for the Best Pakistan Blog?!?! *screams with happiness*

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum !
waaaaaaaah great ..impresssssssssssed...thumbs up ..i hope u getthis time"the best blog"..
finger crossed till then..

Anonymous says:

when is teh voting....... again

LOL, must be a fluke :P or maybe they mad a mistake hehe *evil face*

*dont kill me, puppy face*

hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...Umem *cries like a brat* ... m feeling jealous.


*ponders for a minute*

now *waving with pleasure*

yayyy...yaaron ki khushi to apni khushi hoti hay

yar umemo put up a ribbon on your blog.

I don't want you to dedicate ur blog for earthquake victims, but atleast put a ribbon on it.

get the code from

ppl like u, asma et all

r definitely the best bloggers around

~Khattak: Me hoping the same...hehehe. Dunno about the next voting.

~Acro: I guess somebody is toooo jealous...hahahhaa :P

~Gullay: Sahi baat hay bhaee.. :)

~Harris: Sure, but where do I have to paste the code???

~TM: *feeling flattered* Oh thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. :)

Anonymous says:

What the hell is a BLOGG it sounds like a load of BULL!!!!!

Anonymous says:

What the hell is a BLOGG it sounds like a load of BULL!!!!!

khush toh bohat hogi tum!!

set yaar :)

~Anonymous: And you are...?

~Raheel: Hoa yeahhhhhhh =)

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