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J'ai mon examen français aujourd'hui. S'il vous plaît prier beaucoup pour moi, comme je n'ai pas révisé un mot. J'oublie le français. Oh Dieu, m'aider !

[I have my french exam today. Please pray a lot for me, as I have not revised a word. I am forgetting french. Oh God, help me!]

Au revoir mes amis.



Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
nice to c u back ..i hope ur status on this blog wasnt *invisible to everyone...
for ur exam:
akahera makera janeraesa khaudfr hjsdfus jkfhdui (afrikaan)
may ALLAH help u in ur exam
n u may pass in flying colours

Anonymous says:

The best translation for this "I have my french exam today. Please pray a lot for me, as I have not revised a word. I am forgetting french. Oh God, help me!
" would be "J'ai mon examen français aujourd'hui. Priez svp beaucoup pour moi, comme le démuni de I a mis à jour un mot. J'oublie le français. Dieu d'Oh, m'aident ! Amis de mes de revoir d'Au."

Ummeed karte hein ke apkee BAD LUCK kharaan ho :)

Anonymous says:

Best of luck! It's always tough giving exams/tests in Ramadan!

Good luck! Be confident & you'll do great! My french vocabulary is limited to "oui," "bonjour," and "madamoiselle" ... not sure if I spelled these words correctly.

chaloo ji exam season suroo ho chuka hai....mera bi es week 3 examz hain aur next week abi tak tu 1 exam ka pata chala hai...i am sure ek quiz bi hai nxt week.....
huh.....tats too much to take.. :(
wesa gud luck to u...

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
behan ji dua kerein umrah kay liyea ,
kay ALLAH qabool keray
remember me in ur prayers as i would do in HARAM

comment était-il?

bonne chance avec l'examen que je souhaite que je pourrais apprendre le français ou le latin

thanks for droping by well i dont know that is why the reason is unknow ... and i like french only in frenchfries :) so chill for now do drop by for some more .... stuffy (wich is comming soON )

or may be men are fragile too :P hmmm

too much french :S, waisay level 2 meray 85 marks they :P, is that an A??

~Khattak: I wasn't getting time to come online. Sowwie all! Please translate your afrikan :)

~Funbie: So now, its been attested that my french is really not good. :(

~TheMind: Aap itni umeed na karain...kyunkay main bhee aap kay liay aisee umeed ker sakti houn...aur ghaliban aap kay bhee imtehaanaat ho rahay hain.

~Somewhat Eccentric: Studying in Ramadan is hard. I've got my mid-terms after eid... :(

~Mariam: Thanks. Even this much french helps you sometimes to showoff...hahaha ( i used to do the same earlier)

~Khawab: Bohat bura time aa gaya hay..Saray gunahoun ki saza ab mil rahi hay :(

~Khattk: Praying

~TM: C'était très mauvais!!!

~TDH: C'est bon!

~Hamdan: Yeah, french fries, french toast...all yummy, but french language....errr...NO COMMENTS.

~Acro: No, it's a B. In N2 I got 92% *showing off* hahahaha

Good Luck Jano!

agerth oraperh hahota tofi karki batna hotinaaa!!!

clicked ur ad :p.

~Gul: Thanks. Magar ab waqt guzar gaya

~Harris: I wasn't in the mood of studying at that time. Me and my weird moods....errrr

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