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1- Went to Pizza Hut yesterday for Iftari.

2- Went to Damascus after that.

3- Tennis Masters Series - Madrid. The final today!!!!! Rafael Nadal vs Ivan Ljubicic. Let's see who wins, but I pray Nadal wins it.

4- Three yuckiest computer assignments are still to be completed by me. Why, oh why do I hate this course????

5- Tomorrow am gonna go for my French result at AFK. [Start praying for me now.] I have to get registered for the next level too. And I guess the first class of next level (i.e. N4) is tomorrow, and the registration is still open! Me dead!

6- Tomorrow's Monday, and I hate Mondays. The most annoying and hectic day of the week. And if I have my french class tomorrow as well, I'd die!

7- I am in desperate need of reading a good book. Suggest me one.

8- Have to clean my oh-this-is-so-messy room. I have to do it quick as I am losing some important papers, loads of pens and a zillion jewellery pieces.

9- Today, a few minutes before Iftari, we felt a tremor. [By 'we' I mean just my dad in our house]. He was sitting reading the newspaper, so he felt it. Whereas, my mom and I were busy making iftari. People who are moving don't feel tremors much.

10- Tomorrow I have to submit an assignment telling what UNIX is. And a few days ago, I read this thing somewhere, "UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity" ~Dennis Ritchie.
Everything in this world is simple, but for others only. Isn't it?

Prayers needed.

Cheerio =)



Need help with comp assignments ? :p

oh why not!!!

what's your email address??? Am planning to send a list of my assignments...lol

Anonymous says:

Moth Smoke is a nice novel. Though I don't know how girls thing about it.

I met a who read it and thought it was worth it. Try!

Good luck with your 'stuff'


Anonymous says:

thing = think ;-)

Moth Smoke is by??

You will get A for sure.

For books.. see my sidebar.

Love windows.. everything else is evil for me, windows itself is EVIL.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Suzzana Clark.

UNIX rocks (A)

MOOoOOondays suck

Tremors is a movie :O

Anonymous says:

hey Umema! Gosh ur dad felt the tremors? I thought it was another rumour since the Met Office didnt even record any earthquake - i mean, really!!!!!!!


Anonymous says:

Next track is out!!!

Some Desi - Teddy's Middle Name is Techno (vol.1)

Let me know what you think of it? :oP

Anonymous says:

Another track is out!!!!

Some Desi - Teddy's Middle Name is Techno

Check it out and let me know what you think! :oP

~Raheel: Seems like your prayers have worked!!! Will post the results tonight, InshAllah.

~TDH: Thanks for the suggestion. I don't know if UNIX rocks or not cuz I have never used it.

~H.: Actually, all the tremors that come in Karachi come in Clifton/Defence area. Met Office forecasts rains and we never experience them. When we experience tremors, it never measures them. Strange!!!!

~Some Desi: Realllly????? Woahhhh...This is great..Let me download it.

errr u r such a dramy :P and u know why i am saying this :P.

~Acro: hahahaha...I knowwwwww

Anonymous says:

Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid.

I know I'm late, I'm always late; you probably would've figured it out by now.


bba ppl doing UNIX assignments?? well good for us.. atleast we dont hav to teach our business managers what that is.. while working in orgs..

~Anon.: Thanks =) No, you aren't late.

~Kamran: BBA people studying computers....grrrrrrrr...I hate it!!!

Unix is umm, okay. Cant say its mch cool or smth. We ve been using Windows for so long, it feels like home :)

Unix is the outdoors :P

~uXuf: lol @ Unix is the outdoors. I've never used anything except Windows, and uptil now I haven't found anything wrong with this OS, or probably I haven't done much ghus-ghuss in it...lol

You'll be an IT genious in no time :-D

nahi bhaiiii...

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