1 Good and 1 bad news

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, October 26, 2005 in
First the Good news!!!

I got my french result.

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Thankyou all for your prayers.

Now the bad news (which turned into a good one later)

Went to uni yesterday, and upon entering the class, I found my goldy ring missing. OMG, where did it go??? I was kinda electrocuted. Checked the whole class even when I knew I had not dropped it there. And when I couldn't find it, I stopped my search and prayed that I find it at home. I was quite sure that I hadn't left it at home either, cuz I never take it off. But Ritz insisted that I might have forgotten it at home. Well, I checked it in the bus too, but again I didn't find it. Came back home, don't remember why I picked up my pillow, and found the ring glittering there. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........Thank God!!!! Before finding the ring, I was finding words to tell my mom how I lost it.


Had my first class of N4 yesterday. I requested the teacher to show us our papers. The teacher went out to get them and Kevin exploded, "what has happened to you??? Please stop her....I don't wanta see my paper". "But I do", I replied. And he banged his head against the wall. Lol. Well, he didn't fail like 2-3 other people but he did get a severe scolding from the teacher. Fortunately or unfortunately (I can't decide what), we've got the same teacher. The students are the same too. 4 people from the previous class have left, and 1 new has entered. They have changed the timings too ; from 3:45 to 5 pm. Now this is becoming tough! Prayers needed.

Cheerio folks!!




Just noticed something.
Tilt your head slightly to read the results.

lol @ tilt your head .. LOL .. LOL

congrats :)

Great going. Congrats (y)

By the way in which country the class was taken . Such multi cultural, multi ethnic peeps ;)...Reminds me of comedy drama "Mind your Language".

with regards

Anonymous says:

hey! great result! congrats!



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Congratulations deedee.
yeah reminds me of "Mind your language."

You're the topper :huh.. an d u were like.... o-god-i-m-done......

khair, keep up the efforts, allllllll the best wishes for ya.

Anonymous says:

del the comments with the naem Abdullah, (forgot to sign out. using same pc... :p )

Congratsssss on sub kuch, speech mein kum hain improve in level 4 and u better not come out crying next time I still have that message :P *grin* and yea treat??

~TDH: Thanks=)

~FM: The exam was conducted here in Karachi. We also sometime act like characters of "mind your language' in our class. lol

~H.: Thankyou =)

~Mariam: Thanks=)

~Harris: Lol thanks. Keep praying.

~Acro: Hahahah...thanks. I'll try to improve my french speech. And yeah, my gift???

its great that you did very good and I am happy for that
the unethical part is that you shouldnt have shown the scores of others...theres no way that one can be compared with others
still I present my meek congratulations

*quota of this year's sophistication ends now*

report is handwritten, maybe its just you who wrote it ;)just kidding

Anonymous says:



This means that either you underestimate yourself

or you overestimate your techer's harsh marking!

~Vaqas: Ohh, I had no bad intentions in revealing these results. I posted them here so I could remember with whom I studied in N3. Seriously. :$
lol @ your sophistication, Mr. Busy.

~mj: Well, it is ME who has written this thing. And I have been very honest in writing this thing. Lol.

~Some Desi: Thanksssss =)

~TM: No, this means that I dislike Mr. Mostapha and my teacher is much better than him, and I have passed because of her. Had my teacher taken our listening exam, I would have got something like 95 or 96%. So now tell, who's under- or over-estimating whom...


congrats btw =)


thanks a million =)

Hay umem!

waiting for my feast this time, come n meet in cafe after Ramadan:P

Anonymous says:


I told you!! Congratz, I want double treat now. One for passing your exam and other for finding that ring back. Yaay! Chocolates mileingi.

Btw the same ringy thingy has happened with my gold chain. And guess what, I found it inside my shoe.. Lolz it was damn funny.

PS: I don't wear chains any more :)

MachAllah (c'est comment les francais la eppelent). Je ne peux pas voir ta note, mais je suis assure' q'il est une "A". C'est bien que tu a trouve' anneau. Je trop serais triste si je devais expliquer à mes parents que j'avais perdu quelque chose de important (dont j'ai eu besoin le vendredi parce que j'ai perdu mon permis de conduir). C'est triste de ta classe, mais il est bien que tu as rec,u une bonne note.

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