Not a good day!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, March 05, 2005 in
Well, to be more specific, my Mommese is suffering from fever. And since I was feeling quite fit today, I had to do all the things! Woke up in the morning ( extra emphasis on the word 'morning') ....Actually, my brother pulled me out! (May Allah give you all some nice, helpful brothers. Ameen).

And guess what folks....Today I washed fish(es)...eeek...They are the filthiest and the stinkiest thing on the face of the planet. Trust me folks. Oh, I picked out this (surgical) mask which was brought by my father some 5-6 months ago. [ I asked him, eyeing at the masks, "what are these for?" He said, "Don't know. Somebody gave them to me so I forwarded them to you"]. So today, the mask seemed to be a real blessing! I quickly put that thing on, and stepped in the stinking kitchen. Then, I washed those peices of fishes...*blahhh* and kept them in the freezer. Then, I took off that suffocating mask, and washed my hands a trillion times with all the anti-bacterial soaps that were available. And sprayed one of my favourites 'Tommy Girl' on my hands and in the kitchen. *sniffs hands* Mmmm...awww...my nose's blocked!

Now let me tell you one more thing. Today I cooked potatoes! Since, I love potatoes, I enjoyed cooking them. I never knew they can be cooked so easily and that quickly. Actually, I don't like cooking at all. I bake well. Waisay, bohat tasty banay thay. Am not boasting, but thats what my Mommese said. Wo hay kay kuch logoan kay haath main lazzat hoti hay. *evil grin* If you want them, I can TCS you.

Well, the greatest news of all. I got a new laser mouse. Actually, our (stupid) maid once pulled out the mouse and keyboard cord, and tried to plug them in. In this act, the tiny needles bent and our (bechara) laser mouse and keyboard refused to work! Fortunately, we had a spare ball mouse and a keyboard to work with. But, in the past few days, the mouse was creating some annoyance, and yesterday, I really felt like throwing that 'chooha' out of my window! But I was waiting for a new one. And now, today when I have this new (acha wala)mouse, am (not) gonna kick that old one out . Who knows about tomorrow.

And yes folks, this is my sincere advice to you: Please never drink "Nestle 100% Real Pineapple Nectar"...errrr...it doesn't taste good at alll...I had to finish the 'dabba' so I did. Now please don't ask how I am feeling now. Make dua for me.

Cheerio everybuddy =)



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