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Nothing in the wolrd scares me more than death. And I believe people who are not righteous and pious are always haunted by death.

Whenever I fall ill, a series of unaswerable questiones start revolving around my head. Questions like, 'What if I die now, or even after 5 minutes?' have no answer. Similarly, questions like,'What will happen to me after my death' and 'How will people react when I die' grip my head until I fully recuperate.

Let me tell you a hair-raising story. It was a week ago when we were going to a dinner party. I was sitting in the back seat but in the middle, and so I was able to see the road ahead very clearly. We were in a quite normal and lively mood, but suddenly everything changed! What I witnessed sent a chill down my spine. The car infront of us just smashed a cat, and the left tyres went over the poor creature, crushing its furry body. Although I dont like cats and dogs at all, but at that time I was screaming like little kids. Like those kids whose pet cats die! Tears welled up in my eyes, and I wondered, 'What if I were that cat?' Everyone in the car tried to calm me down, but was I listening to them? I was tumbled into the thoughts of that poor cat. Don't know if anybody picked it up and placed it on the sidewalk.

I witnessed another heart-wrenching incident some 3-4 days ago. That day also we were on our way to a dinner party, when we got stuck in a traffic jam. There was some problem with the traffic lights, so the traffic policeman was controlling the flow of traffic. After a few moments, we heard sirens. I thought, some Government official must be passing that's why these sirens're being blared. I became a bit curious when 15 seconds passed and that head-wrecking sound was still audible. I soon realized that it was coming from behind. The red, warning lights of an ambulance were spinning some 70- 80 metres away from our car. The white van was unable to move an inch forward in the sea of cars. Seems like an emergency, I whispered. After a few seconds, the driver took the loudspeaker in his hands and pleaded, 'Bhaijan, raasta dey do. Mareez ko heart attack hua hay. Usay foran hospital ley ker jaana hay'. It seemed that the policeman deployed there was a deaf man. Enraged, the abmulance driver reiterated his plea and waited for the deaf man to act. My fear got augmented by that second announcement. Finally, the sergeant let the cars go. And believe me readers, till the time we reached our destination, those sirens echoed in my head. Questions like, 'Is the person still alive or not?' and 'What if it was some of my family members instead of him?' revolved around my head.

If courage comes with age, then I believe I will never grow up.




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