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Today was a busy day. I decided to clean my cupboard! I took out all the clothes, and ironed them. It took me almost 2 hours to iron them. I enjoyed ironing! Then I brought them back to the room and tried to get them fit into my slim cupboard. After a little effort, I succeeded in dumping them. Oops, I mean hanging them neatly! But you know what, I failed to clean the whole of my cupboard. I still have to clean the drawer, and the rack where I keep my bangles and shoes.

You know readers, yesterday I forgot to brush my teeth..hahaha... And I was reminded of it when I threw myself in my bed, 'Oops, I had to brush my teeth' I whispered to myself. 'Oh, am tired now. So, forget it'

I don't know what's happening with my monitor...All of a sudden it turns green and blurry. And then it gets to normal too. Errr strange and very annoying! And today, its happening quite frequently. I think I need to change my fazool sa monitor.

Hmmm...today again, I was feeling very hungry. =) I knew I would feel hungry at night, so I told Mommese that I'll be stealing some cheese cubes tonight! And now I have just finished eating one!
Copy cat, eating rats, day by day, am getting fat!
I eat cheese a lot. Let it be cheese cubes, cheese slices, cream cheese, tinned cheese, I love them. And after eating all that I become an ajeeb cheese. Whoops!

Cheerio =)



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