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My God, that was simply horrible. Changing a layout is no easy job. But Alhamdolillah, I have done it. It took me two complete nights to change this layout. Actually, last night I tested it on my test blog. Everything was ok there. So, today I finally decided to change it. But then, things got messed up on this blog. And don't ask how much messy!
Oh my God, I switched on the computer at 11 pm and now its almost 5 am.... means it took me 6 hours to get this Poohy layout fixed! Phew! But then I am extremely happy. Atleast I did it myself! I could have got it done by anybody, but then when Hafsa said - that you just have to copy, paste the stuff - I gave a try. Furthermore, BiYA's optimism - You can do everything, just everything if you try - gave me strength to do all this.

Me [you're welcome Me]

So now I want:
Chocolates [for VLady and myself]
Vicks VapoRub [To rub it on my mosquito-bitten feet]

Cheerio folks! *snoring*



Anonymous says:

Your writting is very interesting. This change to the habitual garbage. I like it and will return. Regards
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