Ce qui n'est pas clair, n'est pas francaise

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, March 21, 2005 in
" What is not clear is not french"

Yes readers, today was my first day at Alliance Francaise de Karachi. It was good, rather awesome. I knew some tooti phooti french, like some words and phrases, so I didn't get much bewildered. I always thought othat most people know what Bonjour, Comment allez vous, and Adieu means, but I was wrong when I found some 2 -3 students asking 'why bonjour is not pronounced the way its written and what does comment mean?'

A student couln't understand why was I being called a mademoiselle and the other female student as madam. lol. And also why all the male students sitting there were Messieur (and why not something else?) . Anyway, the class was fun! But sometimes, you really get stuck with pronunciation. Like, how to pronounce Vous? Sometimes you have to say ony Vou, forgetting the S, and sometimes you have to join this very S with the next word. And sometimes, you have to pronounce this Vous as voutkh. Errr, confusing??? Well, it used to be for me but not now! The best thing is that our teacher speaks most of the sentences in french. So, we pick the language very quickly.

Today we learnt some 10 sentences, out of which I knew 5. Yay! But, I'd say French is not difficult! I'm saying so probably because its one of the languages I always wanted to learn.

Cheerio folks (or should I say Adios Amigos) hahaha



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