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Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, January 28, 2005 in
My feelings at this hour:

Uffff.......exams ki itni tension nahi hoti jitni result ki hoti hay! Wo bhee CIE results to taubaaaaa....neend ura daitay hain. Allah kisi ko aisa waqt na dikhai. Ameen. *whispers* this shows I havent slept for the past 4 nights. But, today I am gonna sleep for minimum 12 hours - only if my Mommese let me sleep. Ahhhhh.....itna sukoon milta hay na jab yeh pata lag jai kay aap kay 'Aamaal naamay' main kia likha hua hay.

English side:

Thankyou very much my sweet, smart buddies for praying for my disturbing and disappointing results! Now, you don't need to know that! And please don't even ask me. Don't even try to blackmail me to speak of it! Now, the result is here....No tension, no worries....I am a free bird again. Really, I am not sad for the stupid and shocking grades that Ive got, but I am happy that I have Alhamdolillah cleared all papers. I look at my senior. I once used to teach her. She and I gave the same courses, but she has flunked. I remember,. after the papers, she would say that the paper was like a 'thanda halwa' and stuff like that. She appeared for the second time (with me) and what has she got. I am not making fun of her. But, I still remember those moments when I would cry all night and pray to Allah for my grades. Alhamdolillah, I have got very better grades than others. I am happy. Although, Mommese was shocked when I told her, but still she hugged me on realising that I have done my accelerated A Level. I took my major 4 courses, both AS and A Level stuff in one go! I know that's not something worth praising, but I know how much effort I have made in getting through these A Level. Really, when you start your A Ls, you are always reminded of your 'halwa' O' Level times.
I'm glad I've cleared. I was really worried about my Accounting P 2, cuz in that paper, I hardly wrote something correct! Honestly, I would have nightamares of Awful Accounting. But, I'm not gonna leave Accounting and Economics. If I get a chance to do bi-majors, I'd prefer these courses. Accounting is something which I admire, and Economics is something I love!

Tension-free Dinky Mind waves cheerio now!
*notice the time!!! I'm a nocturnal free bird now* hehehe



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