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Yes, my dear Bloggers, I invite you to my sister's wedding and my brother's valima on February 4, 2005.I'll feel elevated if you'll give the honour of your presence at 10 pm. For venue and more information, please contact me at my gmail address.

January 29, 2005. Saturday:

My brother's Wedding day! All the girls wore ghararas on that day. We also wore bindiyas. We were looking nice, but some people called us 'That 70s Show'...heehehe....Oh, did I tell you that was the coldest day of this season here in Karachi. sssssssss...it was cool and it was cold! When we came back home with our sweet Bhabhi, we all refreshed ourselves for a photo session. After that, it was time for everybody and for the bride and groom to go to their room. My brother's room is upstairs. We kind of cracked a joke and asked our brother to lift the bride and carry her to the room. We actaully fired those stereotype sentences at him, like "Act like a man", "You're strong", "No more lame excuses now". And he would answer "No, I cant do that", "Look, that's not possible", "You must be kidding". We (I mean I) thought that he wouldn't do that, but he actually did it! He lifted her and walked a step forward. We all were laughing and clapping at that time. It was so much fun na. You know, when the groom wants to take the bride into the room, groom's sisters block the way and do not let them enter without having a handsome amount of money. That what we both sisters did that day. We blocked the way and started screaming for the money - our right, as they say it! hehehe...When we screamed our throats raw, he lazily picked out a 100 rupee note from his pocket and waved it in the air. We were like "what's this? We want something in 4 figures". He gave me are-you-nuts looks. He then again took out a 100 rupee note and lied that this is what he has got now. Me and Biya (my sis) were adamant on our point. He then said, ok fine, 'Udhaar ker laitay hain'. I dont know from where this thing came to my mind and I blurted out, "Nach baray shoaq say, udhaar agli chowk say...so gimme the money right now" At first everybody looked at me in utter amazement, cuz nobody was expecting any such thing, ut then they burst out laughing. Lol, I can never forget it!

January 30, 2005. Sunday:

The whole night we just talked and talked and talked. We almost slept at 5 am, and woke up at 8 am. 3-hours sleep...eeek! Didn't do much that day! Well, at night, when almost everybody was sleeping, I came to my room when I found the computer already switched on. So, I pulled out 10 Years of Hits by Ronan Keating, inserted the CD, slowed down the volume, jumped into my cozy bed with Digital Fortress and some cashew nuts and started reading the book. Ohhhh, I dont even remeber after how many weeks I got the time to read something good! Slept at 2 am and got up at 8:30 am.

January 31, 2005. Monday:

My sister's Mayoon (or Mehndi, whatever you name it)! Something not good happened that day. But we still tried to forget that mishap and got involved in the Mayoon preparations! After that, Alhamdolillah everything went well. Hey you know what, we also managed to get a dhole from somewhere and all the night we just singing songs on it. I sang and screamed so much that now I can hardly speak! I'm having a terrible sore throat. And yeah, I made a lot of movie on that day, and beleive me, my hands started aching because of that. Since my cousins were dancing, and there was nobody else to make their movie, so me - the poor one - had to do that!Slept at 4 am

February 1, 2005. Tuesday:

Woke up at 11:45 am (Were you expecting the same 8 o'clock wake up time? You were? Gosh, I am human being yaar). Seriously, I dont know how I slept till that time. Actually, my sister called on my phone just to wake me up and realise what time it was! (She was calling from another room...Good style of making someone get up hehehe).
Today, I took my sister's dowry to her new home. Tried my level best to keep things in their respective places, but don't know how much I have succeeded! Alot of things are still left to be taken there. I think we'll go on Thursday again.

February 2, 2005. Wednesday:

The clock is revealing a usual 1:18 am. Since everybuddy has gone back to their homes, I am getting bored now. So, I guess I must go and sleep. Have to wake up at 8 in the morning (will I?)

Tata and Cheerio everybuddy =)



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