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Well, well, well, I have opened this page, but I dont know how to start and what to write. I have got loadsa news, but I just don't know how to put them down. Ok, fine. Let me try it.

Digital Fortress invavded:
I have finished reading Digital Fortress. To be very very honest, I was confused in choosing Digital Fortress or Deception Point. But then on Hafsa's blog, I once read that she's reading Digital Fortress. So, then I decided to buy it. And woah, I found it very interesting! I mean, Dan Brown's books are always interesting, but I found this one very cool. This book would give me tension! Really. I would keep thinking like, "What will happen to Susan Fletcher now?", "Strathmore is responsible for it, and I can bet on it", "Poor David Becker", "Aww...Susan, I am at your side. Don't you worry".
And there were times, when on reading some sentences, I would feel like breaking down and cry. I would want to tell Susan that some people are just decieving her, but I couldn't. (How stupid of me). And then there was time, when everybody was thinking about an isotope of Uranium 238, and at that time, I was almost screaming 'It's U 235. Listen to me, its U 235'. Yes, I was screaming just like Becker. Lol.
Folks, do you know somethings that were happening in the book were occuring with me too. I mean, when they couldn't shutdown TRANSLTR, I also became unable to shut down my PC. And then when Tankado's ring was lost, my gold ring also disappered somewhere. And when it was found, I found my ring too! Amazing, isn't it?! I've never been much into this computer thing, but I liked the book very much. Code-breaking, and Tankado's riddle were fun to solve. Wonder how these things come to Dan Brown's mind.

Please get well soon:
Yesterday was my father's Angiography. He's MashaAllah fine now, but not as fine as he should be. Yesterday, I spent half of my day in the hospital. And for the first time in my life, I really admired doctors. I realised that they are extraordinary people. And that they are nice, and not at all arrogant. That they do care for patients, and treat them very nicely. And that they often give big smiles to encourage a person. In short, they are well-educated, nice people.

Me and my Butterfly:
I got a big Butterfly today! My table finally arrived at 6:20 pm today! Wohoo. I played few games with papa and my big bro! And yeah, we did keep the table in the Foyer....Hehehe....My Mommese is still furious at the 'Monster-sized Table'. She has got some very very evil plans about my Butterfly. She said, sometime she will use it as a di...dii....dining table *cries*. This ain't fair Mommese. *Still crying*

Me and online? A miracle or what?:
My ISP is Alhamdolillah acting sane now. And I am quite happy for that.

El Mariarchi and my sister:
BiYA bought a guitar, so Congratulations!!!!!! And yeah, when are you coming over to see my big Butterfly? Hoping to see ya soon. ENjoy life. Give my salam to all of your family.

Am I sweet?:
Errr...these mosquitoes can be very annoying sometimes. But they are nice, if you look at this situation in a different way. Mosquitoes normally leave their traces on my feet. But you can also say, "wo meray qadam choomtay hain"....Hae beecharay machchar! I think my blood is very sweet thats why all the Mosquito community attack me in the whole house. And then for the next 5-6 hours, I frantically rub my feet with Vicks VapoRub. One thing bad (or good?) about me is that I cannot kill mosquitoes. Once, I accidently killed one, and after that I washed my hands for about a zillion times to get rid of that crimson filthy liquid. Eeek.

Barry I miss you:
Today I talked to Barry. She said I'll have to wait till the summers to see her face. Summers, here in Pakistan, start in March or April (rather summers have started, what I believe), but summers, there in England, start in July. This is really really not fair. She thanked me for the bags that I sent her. The term 'bag' was what she was using instead of a small 'pouch'. Lol. But I miss youuuuuuuuuuuu. Come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Cheerio everybuddy!!!



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