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Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, February 20, 2005 in ,
....how to check B.P. Yay!!!
Honestly, I never knew what to do with that all-tubey and twisty apparatus. Today, Bhabhi was checking papa's B.P. level, when papa asked me to check his B.P. At that time, I was reading the newspaper. 'Who ME?', I almost jumped when he said that. He said, 'Yes, u(ME)ma.' With my ever-trembling hands, I picked up those black tubes. 'Now...', I asked helplessly. I actually wanted to ask him Now what to do, but all words just mumbled into my mouth, and didn't come out. 'Now what?', he demanded. 'Now....right now, right?', I showed him my level of foolishness. He rubbed his chin and said, 'I believe YES'. 'Oh sure, why not', my words were not with me at all. God help me please, I mumbled. As Bhabhi guided me, I finally completed that experiment sort of thing. After that, I revealed the results /markings/ reading/ wateva...He said, "Quite normal. Alhamdolillah'. 'Normal, really? Is that what you call normal? Ok, never knew that', I muttered. Then Bhabhi told me what is normal B.P. reading and at what reading you can say it's hypertension. *recalling those figures* I did memorise them. God, sssss....what were they.... 130/90? 140/100? Ooops, am I sane ? I think the first one was right. *still thinking* Sorry, readers you have to tolerate my rusted Dinky Mind. Sowwie!

Am also planning to take some driving lessons....hahahaha....joke na!!!!! Really, I am just saying it now. Who knows will I ever take them. The thing that scares me about driving is all those mirrors - rear-view, side-view, right, left, and other blah blahs. Whooops... Umema and driving...no no no...not congenial!

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Thankyou Yousaf for this. They're yummy...hehehe

Cheeriossss everybuddy!



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