Im dead tired

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, February 03, 2005 in
Yawning from the past one hour, and now I am sick and tired of yawning. I better go and sleep. Cuz I woke up at 1045 today. Didn't do my breakfast (that's usual). Went with my sister to the parlour for her services. Thank God, I took Digital Fortress with me or I'd get bored from 2 pm to 6:30 pm. At the parlour, I was feeling ultra sleepy. But I had to use toothpicks to keep my eyes open! The was the most terrible and annoying part of the day.

No, wait! The terrible part is something else! I ate olives today! My father brought them, asked me to open the tin, and then asked me to eat one. I stared at that green little ball in my hand. At that time, I was reminded of the time when I ate olives for the first time at my phuppo's place. She said they're good, and I must try them. SO, poor me, gave a try, and till this day I regret! Anyway, coming back to today. My father said that olives reduce cholestrol, and since I eat a lot of oily things, I must eat olives to reduce my cholestrol level. He was eating olives the way I eat Skittles. Being a nice daughter, I picked up one, and brought it near to my mouth, when a fainting gust of olives touched my nose. 'Gosh!', I murmured. I again started looking at it, confused, should I eat it or not! When my father looked at me, he said,"Now eat it". "Ok", I said in a slow voice. Again brought the olive to my mouth, but this time, I clipped my nose with my fingers. Closing my eyes, murmuring Bismillah, I pushed it in my mouth. Eeeeeee.....yuckkkkk!!!!!! I felt like spitting it out, but couldn't do that. Papa was sitting there. When he turned his face sideways for something, all my feelings and emotions became evident on my face - I was making terrible faces! Mommese and Biya were laughing badly. When I reached my toleration level, I picked up the plate, and fired that acidic ball out of my mouth. After that, I littered my mouth with loadsa SoftMints....Errrr, I can still feel its taste! Let me eat another softmint. *runs away to get some*
*Back now. Munching one*
You know dear bloggers, today I have walked alot! My legs are now begging for some rest and so do my eyes. I think I better go now and get a nice sleep. Sory Gul, I couldn't even say Goodbye to you.

Cheerio everybuddy. Gotta wakeup in the morning too. =)



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