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Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, February 14, 2005 in
Now, I have a habit of reiterating, so here I declare, "I am tired. And I am sick." And you please pray that I recuperate soon. Ameen. The title of my past 2 posts was something related to exhaustion, headache, sickness, etc. etc.

Mithai ki dukaan: Kia aap ko Mithai chahiyay? Yes? Then, what are you waiting for? Come over here, and I'll give you loadsa Mithai + 3 complementary oranges with every single Mithai ka dabba. Honestly, MashaAllah, these days we have become extremely self-sufficient in oranges and Mithais. Someday, I'll put on a banner and publicise those oranges! Hehehehe....

I'm getting a table: A dining table? No!!! A side table? No!!! Study table, then? Not at all!!! Folks, I'm getting a folding table, a big table, and a Butterfly table InshaAllah on Tuesday. So, I invite all the Table Tennis freaks to come to my place and have a tick-tock, tick-tock, and a SMASH sometime. Yes, Yes, Yes. I am extremely happy.
That day Papa went to buy Badminton racquets for some kid who'm I dont even know. When he came back home, he showed me a visiting card behind which price of my fabulous Table was written. Like, Table costs Rs - - , net costs Rs. - - , racquets cost Rs. - -, and balls cost Rs. - -. He then asked me, do you want it? That was a question I needn't to answer. He said, 'Okay, I will get it someday'. Ufff....why do I hate these 'somedays' so much. Anyway, I had to hide my anger at that time. But Mommese suddenly ordered, 'No tables here. And no Table Tennis in this house'. "Whatttt????" I was about to explode, when I cooled myself down. "Look Mommese, Table Tennis is unfortunately an indoor game. We cannot play it in the porch (its barely covered), or in the parking area outside. We can fold it and keep it in the porch after we finish playing." She then questioned, 'Then, better keep it folded. And by the way, where do you actually plan to put your monster-size table?' Now that question made me think. I said, 'We've got the Foyer, and we've also got the T.V. Lounge. We can easily keep it there and play.' Yahooo, my Dinky Mind worked at that time. When after an hour or two, Mommese went out of the room, Papa asked me, "Shall I call that man and order him for a table?" O my God, "Perfect", I whispered. 'Naiki aur pooch pooch', I stammered. Then he dialled the number, talked to him, and asked to bring the table on Tuesday. So, I am quite happy now!!!!

Nothing new today, except that I ate a lot. And I ate chips. And I am going to eat them tomorrow as well. Chris, why did you remind me of those chips???

Cheerio everybuddy.



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