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Habit no. 1 : I am fine.

Me: Assalam-o-alaikum, how are you?
Papa: Walaikum assalam. I am good, Alhamdolillah, how are you?
Me: I am fine, Alhamdolillah.
*I then cough*
Papa: You okay?
Me: Yeah, I was just having a bit cough, slight fever, series of sneezes, headache, stomach ache, and umm.,..yeah, and my legs are hurting, too. That's it.
Papa: You sure, that's it?
Me: Yah, am cent percent sure!
[ I have a habit of saying 'I am fine' even when I am not. It automatically comes out of my mouth...Can't help it....]

Habit no. 2 : Ssssssssomebody sssstoppp meeeeeeeeee

Yes, please stop me from eating chips. I am getting real fat! And I am serious this time. Earlier, people would just exaggerate when they'd call me Moti. But, now, I am Moti....bitterest truth! I have to start my morning walk...I mean, I have to resume my morning walk. I am not feeling well, still I am stuffing chips into my mouth. Yaar, I can't live without them. Remember "Maybe I am addicted, I am out of control. But you're the drug that keeps me from dying". Lol. My sis and bro's wedding is hardly a month away, and I wonder what am I gonna look like : A Pumpkin? *horrible thought, must brush it off* I need to learn to stop myself. I needa learn patience. Really!
Please pray for me...Right now, I've got a big chipsy pack in my lap, and I am munching non-stop.
Cheerio by Big, Fat, Liar! ;)



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