Some 'more' Blahs

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, January 23, 2005 in
Blah no. 1: My new ishtyle.
I dont know why I have adopted this new style. I mean putting different news under their respective headings. I never used to be that particular about things and stuff. At home also, I now put things in an orderly and presentable form. I have changed! Hah!

Blah no. 2: Angry and happy.
I am angry because Barry and I havent talked for more than a month! When I get online, I dont find Barry there. And then I have to wait for hours and hours, but still no signs of her. That day I decided to mail a very anger-filled message to her, but somehow I forgot to do that. Next day, when I was reminded of it, I became angry at myself too. But, my Mommese then declared that Barry is about to come to Pakistan. And guess when? 25th January, 2005! Means day after tomorrow! Upon listening that, my anger wave sloshed away, and I became very happy! Strange transformation in me. I have changed! Hah!

Blah no. 3: 3rd day of Eid and not bad!
On this Eid, I wasn't expecting anything but meat packets, distributed among family and friends. But to my ultimate amazement, we recieved cakes, too. So, today my home wasn't looking like a meat shop only, but it also gave some picture of a cake shop! =) Today, many guests came to our place (something very usual), even kids came, but those kids didn't annoy me much. Rather, I talked to them, and treated them nicely, even though I was having a severe headache. I have changed! Hah!

Blah no. 4: Xak, I miss you!
Talked to Xak for almost an hour today. We talked about all crap stuff. That's what we do, when we call each other. hehe. I don't know why best buddies don't stay with you forever :( I'm sad. Someone said,"You don't realise what you've got until you lose it. And you don't realise what you were missing until it arrives". So Xak, now as you're not here,I miss you very much. I can't wait for the summers to come. You were my only best friend, atleast here in Karachi. *I am reminded of so many quotations these days...My strange memory*. I have changed! Hah!

Blah no. 5: Cheerio everybuddy.
I have NOT changed! Hah-ahaha! *evil grin on my face*



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