A Prayer for the New Year "2005"

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, January 01, 2005 in
Praised are You who created the universe.

Thank You for giving me and my family life. Thank You
Dear Lord for creating such glorious beauty in this
world and thank You for giving me the ability to
appreciate Your creation.

Please My Almighty Lord, I humbly ask You to shine Your
love on me, my family and all people and may Your love
bring perfect holiness, perfect health and peace, peace
in my heart and soul, peace in my family, peace in my
nation, and peace in the entire world.

Please My Almighty Lord, help me to know my highest
purpose and to realize total success. Please grant me
wisdom in order to best serve You here on earth.

Please My Almighty Lord, forgive me for my
shortcomings in the past and help me to walk in Your
ways from this day forward.

Thank You My Almighty Lord for hearing my prayer and
for giving me and all life, holiness, perfect health,
peace, wisdom, success, and forgiveness.

Praise You My Lord who loves His creation and brings
peace, love and holiness to all life.

My Lord we beg you for forgiveness for all our sins, we
seek your guidence and help to make us better
in everyway.

May peace prevail on Earth.




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