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Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, January 05, 2005 in
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Hello every buddy!!!!
How are you guys?!?! Attending weddings and valimas? Ok, coming to the main thing. Today, I wanta share something with you. A little tip to tell you. Since, this is a shaadi season, all gals (and guys) please take care of your cute, little, clean feet. I hope you understand. Still, let me elaborate my point. I am trying to tell you something which has happened to me (almost zillion times), and now I, being a caring sister to you all, would advise you, that the next time you go to any such celebration/ party/ function/ please wear some heavy, high heeled, yet beautiful SHOES! Actually, that helps you in the best counterattack. Trust me! That day, I went to my mamoo's shaadi, and God, there wasn't a single person left who hadn't crushed my feet (keeping bride and groom aside). Now, I am seriously planning to wear my brother's DMS (Drill Marching Shoes). They are long, heavy, and best for retaliation. Hahaha...I don't care how I would look like, cuz all I care about are my fragile feet. You know what, when we were about to go back to homes, I looked at my feet, which were ruthlessly smashed and crushed beyond recognition. So now, DMS is the only thing left for me.
I hope Saady J and Asad are aware of what DMS are =)
*in search of my bro's DMS*



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