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Hmmm, guessed right, I made burger today :) And I topped mine with extra Mozzarella cheese and garlic dip. Ahhhhh, so heavenly. And I ate the whole of it, which is a very rare thing. I have just once finished Subway's Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. And the reason was, we had not ordered cold drink that day :P The moment I sip cold drink/ water/ juice, etc., I feel my tummy-meter showing full! I can either finish cold drink and fries, or I can finish the sandwich/ burger, and pass the fries and drink to my bros.

Oh, and did I tell you I love garlic dip like anything? I had it in Jeddah for the first time when we had Al-Baik. The dips and ketchups used to come in very cute miniature boxes. And my Dad and I used to hide them in our pockets, and would literally lick the box when we'd go out :D Ahhh, I miss you and those garlic-dip boxes. And my pwetty Momma makes one heck of garlic dip. And no, it's not mixing crushed garlic in mayonnaise. It's a completely different recipe and berry yummy too :D

Oh, getting back to my home-made Burger now ;) Oh my God, I'm so full, I can harldy burp :D Hehehe. Now I can just see cheeeeeese and garlic dip everywhere. Somebody Stop Meeeeeeeeh :P All I can say it, it was a yumm-yumm thing, and I still love myself for making this cheese-laden burger AND that cheese-stuffed pizzaaaa. Ssssssmokin' :P

Okay, just pray that I stop acting like The Mask, and I stop eating too many cheese things and chocolates too :P

Cheerio folks =)

PS: My first exam went awesome-ish :D Yayyyy! And this means that I had a very blessed day. Alhamdolillah! :) Thanks to all those who prayed for this Dinky Mind. Tension not, Allah will reward you for sure :)



BiYA says:

OMG!!! control yaaar......first cheese stuffed pizza then cheese topped burger.....still you always cry for your football-like-tummy....bibi aisay smart nahi hotay....and yeahhhh i forgot those frnch fries which you have on daily basis.....beta jiii high cholesterol is not good for health.

PS. yehi kero gi to perho gi kab. phir fail ho ker na khari hojana...

PPS. WHERE IS MY BURGER?????????????


Oh god! I'm not at ALL a food person! But that picture IS making me hungry!!
And ha I always leave the fries too, either the sandwich and drink or fries and drink and leave the sandwich. :P

What a Cheesey Post.... Yummy
I call myself FOOD-ADDICTED and nowI have accepted your pizza-invitation, and now looking forward for Burger-Bite-Party. (Yes I'm a mag and don't expect any formality).
I can foresee that you are good cook and I really appreciate this skill in girls.
Woh Shauher Lucky hotay hain aaj ke daur mien jinhay aisee biwiyaan naseeb ho jaen.

~Biya: Lol. Allah na karay jo fail houn :P And yeah, I can never ever stop eating french fries :( perhai ker li thi :P And my paper went so awesome-ish, MashaAllah. And thanks for not praying :P

~Shuaib: O yeaaah :D

~Siras: We are again so siiiiiiisters :D *hugs*

~Saba: Thankoo for liking :)
Oho, I have no issues. I like my friends coming over for lunches and dinners at my place. All you need is to just appreciate my cooking skills :D
And no, I'm not in the mood of getting married now :D

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! burgaaaaarrr... :D
Congrats on the exam. Keep it up!

~Ahmer: Lol. Ab to khatam :P
Thanks. Keep praying. 2 more to go :(

~Saady: Thanks for such a detailed comment :P

Why do you have to post food on your blog?

@Senilius: Beeecause I like food =)

am i seeing things or are these fried in ur burger.....

dyaamnn it looks so tempting... and God.... talk about calories O_o i would need to starve my self for days + intense workout to burn these calories....

how do u manage it DM :(

rasheed says:

assalam o alaikum!
the BURGER looks awesome n i m pretty sure that it must have tasted great. u asked me about town where PIZZA doesnt exist...my town is located in Mianwali n now a days im living in sarai alamgir...Good Luck for the PAPERZ

~Yesterday Lady: jes jes, these ARE fries :P And me is already having a calorie deficiency problem. So even if I eat such heavy things, it won't problem me much. :D Lol. J/k :P

~Rasheed: Walaikum Assalam.
It tasted awesome-ish :D I hope Pizza Hut comes to your town soon :)


(Another detailed comment. :P )

~Saadat bhai: I'm obliged :P

Chumpoo says:

This is not the Original picture. The original picture can be seen here

Chumpoo says:

with Burnt Kebab :P

Anonymous says:


~Chumpoo: Uffff, I appreciate your effort to search for such a thing :D

~Anon: Oh,I've been to this page earlier too. But thanks though :)

waisey I really wish I could go to KSA and eat Albaik... cuz every other person tell me its quite amazing!!
any how.. nice pic of the burger... and yes... fries are meant to be put aside in the plate and not inside the burger..lol

~Jingo bhai: I'm so fond of fries, I always have a double dose of them - inside and beside the burger :D

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